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KVAK offers the largest and most diverse Radio & Digital audience in Valdez, Alaska! KVAK’s Advertising Plans utilize our Radio & Digital Platforms to deliver your message more effectively and more often than any other medium. With KVAK 93.3FM & 1230AM, the only two commercial radio stations in Valdez, we bring your message to the ears of the community, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Reinforce your message with an insertion in KVAK’s E-Blast Newspaper (1,500+ Subscribers). Advertising in Valdez starts with an On-Air & Digital Marketing Package. From there you can utilize podcasts, www.kvakradio.com, the KVAK App and more.

KVAK’s On-Air and Digital Marketing Packages

Our blitz packages hits our listening audience hard and fast! It gets your message out with intense frequency for a relatively short amount of time. This type of packaging is perfect for events, concerts, meeting announcements, job openings, sales, and public notices. For example, if you have a weekend event, we could  run ads the week running up to it. You can also have multiple blitzes for larger, multi-day events, where we could separate packages for ticket sales, event registration, and daily schedules.


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