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It’s always a great time to be on-air! 
KVAK offers the largest and most diverse Radio & Digital audience in Valdez, Alaska! KVAK’s Advertising Plans utilize our Radio & Digital Platforms to deliver your message more effectively and more often than any other medium. With KVAK 93.3FM & 1230AM, the only two commercial radio stations in Valdez, we bring your message to the ears of the community, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Reinforce your message with an insertion in KVAK’s E-Blast Newspaper (1,500+ Subscribers). Using all KVAK’s Radio & Digital Platforms is the best way to reach the community of Valdez.

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Pairing your radio ads with an E-Blast Newspaper Insertion is a great way to spread your message even farther! 
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KVAK is proud to be a leader in Valdez with programs everyone can enjoy and participate in!

It’s really quite simple – the more people you invite to do business with you, the more potential customers you’ll attract. The same holds true for organizations –  are you looking to fill seats at your next event or invite folks to participate in an upcoming activity?  Advertising connects you with your audience and encourages them to walk through your front door.

At KVAK, we’re in business to help you do more business!

Call us  (907-835-5825) or Email (Office@KVAKMedia.com)
to share what’s going on with your business or organization
and we’ll put together some ideas to help you advertise effectively!

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KVAK has the only 2 commercial radio stations in Valdez, as well as a community minded e-mail newspaper and the website everyone in Valdez visits.

                                                                                           Advertising opportunities include:

  • “Hadvertising that worksear It” – :30 or :60 second ads on 93.3FM (Hit Music & Classic Rock) & 1230AM (Country)
  • “Hear It” – On-Air News, Weather, Special Programs & Feature Sponsorships
  • “Hear It” – Contest & Event Sponsorship
  • “Find It” -Using KVAK’s E-Mail Newspaper  (1,500+ subscribers)- Click Here to view a sample
  • “See It” – Banner Ads on kvakradio.com

                      On-air + Website + E-News = Success


Feb 6, 2023 - Mon
Valdez, United States
30°F snow
Wind 0 m/s
Humidity 93%
Pressure 738.06 mmHg
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
mon feb 6
34/30°F 5 m/s, S 97% 742.56 mmHg
tue feb 7
28/22°F 3 m/s, NNE 88% 751.56 mmHg
wed feb 8
30/22°F 3 m/s, NE 95% 759.81 mmHg
thu feb 9
light snow
23/19°F 5 m/s, NNE 80% 753.81 mmHg
fri feb 10
light snow
17/12°F 4 m/s, NNE 85% 752.31 mmHg