What’s Happening – Valdez, Alaska

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(Tues) Feb 20Tuesday Crochet Club

(Tues) Feb 20 – City Council Meeting

(Wed-Sat) Feb 21-24 – VHS Academic Decathlon Team at State Championships

(Wed-Sat) Feb 21-24 – VHS Nordic Ski Team at State Championships

(Thurs) Feb 22Coffee with CVEA CEO Jaime Matthews

(Thurs) Feb 22 – Cribbage Thursdays

(Thurs) Feb 22 – Beautification Matching Grant Program Lunch & Learn

(Fri-Sat) Feb 23-24 – VHS Basketball Teams vs. Monroe Rams

(Sat) Feb 24 – Grand Opening: Coastal Bronze Tanning Studio

(Sat) Feb 24John Damberg Jazz Quintet

Mon, Feb 26th through March 4th – Register to WIN Frosty Fever BIG Prizes

Feb 26 – School Board Meeting

Feb 27Tuesday Crochet Club

Feb 29 – Cribbage Thursdays

Frosty Fever 2024 Banner
Mar 1-10
KVAK’s Frosty Fever

Mar 1KVAK’s Frosty Fever LIVE

Mar 1 – Frosty Fever On-Air Zen LIVE – Button Giveaway Kickoff

Mar 1HHES PTA Bingo Night

Mar 1 – VHS Basketball against Delta

Mar 2Frosty Fever Rock & Shop

Mar 2Emblem Club International Food Fair

Mar 2Frosty Fever Frenzy Community Ski Race

Mar 2 – VHS Basketball against Delta Senior Night

Mar 3 – SWAN Talks

Mar 4KVAK’s Frosty Fever Early Bird Giveaway

Mar 4Sundae Monday at the Senior Center

Mar 5KVAK “On-Air” Radio Games

Mar 5Tuesday Crochet Club

Mar 6Chili & Corn Bread Cook-Off

Mar 6Puzzle Wars

Mar 7Justin & Ricky’s Random Radio Show

Mar 7 – Cribbage Tournament

Mar 8KVAK’s Frosty Fever LIVE Show

Mar 8Crowley Fuels BBQ

Mar 8Frosty Fever Adult Carnival

Mar 8Fat Bike Sunset Beach Ride

Mar 9Fat Bike Race

Mar 9Mexican Dinner / Preschool Fundraiser

Mar 9Big Fat Beer Bash

Mar 10 – Last Day of Frosty Fever Discounts & Specials

Mar 10Fat Bike Bash Extreme Downhill Race

Mar 11 – School Board Meeting

Mar 12Tuesday Crochet Club

Mar 14Cribbage Thursdays

Mar 18-22 – No School, Spring Break

Mar 19 Tuesday Crochet Club

Mar 21Cribbage Thursdays

Mar 25 – School Board Meeting

Mar 26 – Tuesday Crochet Club

Mar 28Cribbage Thursdays

Apr 2Tuesday Crochet Club

Apr 4Cribbage Thursdays

Apr 8 – School Board Meeting

Apr 8Breabach Concert

Apr 9Tuesday Crochet Club

Apr 11Cribbage Thursdays

Apr 16Tuesday Crochet Club

Apr 18Cribbage Thursdays

Apr 19 – No School, Inservice Day

Apr 22 – School Board Meeting

Apr 23Tuesday Crochet Club

Apr 25Cribbage Thursdays

Apr 30Tuesday Crochet Club

May 7 – Valdez Regular Municipal Election

May 10The Rice Brothers Concert

May 13 – School Board Meeting

May 22 – VHS Graduation

May 23 – Last Day of School

May 25Valdez Halibut Derby Opens

June 7 – 16 – Valdez Fish Derbies Halibut Hullabaloo

June 10 – School Board Meeting

June 24 – School Board Meeting

July 20Valdez Silver Salmon Derby Opens

July 20Kids Pink Salmon Derby

July 26Valdez Fish Derbies Big Prize Friday

July 31 – Aug 4Valdez Gold Rush Days

Aug 10Women’s Silver Salmon Derby

Aug 10 Valdez Fish Derbies Tagged Fish Contest Opens

Aug 30Valdez Fish Derbies Big Prize Friday

Sept 1Last Day of the Valdez Fish Derbies

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