Fishing Flashbacks

Fishing Flashback – Christopher Barnes’ 2019 2nd place Halibut

In 2019, Christopher Barnes caught a 225.6 lb halibut. He won second place in the 2019 Valdez Halibut derby and took home to Minnesota a nice prize along with quite a sum of halibut meat (which is

Valdez Fishing Report – Scott Allison and the Beauty of Valdez 2019

Fishing is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Valdez. The Valdez Fishing Report interviewed Scott Allison in 2019 about what makes Valdez so enchanting. From the mountains to the

Fishing Flashback – Elanor’s Fish Recipe and Story from 2019

We’re bringing you a fishing story and recipe. In 2019, The Valdez Fishing Report interviewed Elanor from Reno about her day out fishing. Now we’re bringing her recipe and story she

Fishing Flashback – Sue Arts’ Hailbut and Silver Recipes from 2016

Some might argue that the best part of fishing, it eating the fish. If you think that’s the case, Sue Arts might have you covered on how to prepare the catch of the day. We’re bringing

Fishing Flashback – Ryan’s Fishing Follies From 2019

We’re bringing back another interview from the Pittman family! This time it’s Ryan’s interview. If you listen to the Valdez Fishing Report for the fishing advice, unfortunately

Fishing Flashback – Kevin Pittman’s 2019 Fishing Adventure

On the Valdez Fishing Report, we’ve interviewed groups before. But the Pittman family might just have the most entertaining interviews. The Pittmans split up their fishing parties into girls

Fishing Flashback – Bentley Severs’ Family Fishing Trip in 2019

8 year old Brentley Severs went fishing with his family in 2019 and had an entertaining interview in 2019 about his trip. We’re bringing back the story of his memorable tale of his family

Fishing Flashback – Christina Ives is Fishing Valdez Again 2019

Christina Ives, 2019 Halibut Derby winner, was hooked on Valdez fishing. We’re revisiting Ives’ 2019 interview to find out what is it about Valdez fishing that gets people hook, line,

Fishing Flashback – Joyce Farris’ Fish Head Recipe 2018

Over the years, The Valdez Fishing Report has gotten quite a few recipes from interviewees but this recipe from Joyce Farris might be the most interesting. Listen in to learn how to make

Fishing Flashback – Christina Ives, More on Her 2019 Halibut Winner

Christina Ives, a Fairbanks local, came down to fish Valdez in 2019 and happened to win the Valdez Halibut Derby. Her halibut was a whopping 285.6 lbs. Understandably, Ives was in for quite a