KVAK Programs

Welcome to KVAK Radio – The Voice of Valdez

KVAK is proud to be an active member of Valdez and supports many youth and community activities. Our children’s programs make it fun for kids to participate in radio and offer them the opportunity to learn, grow and develop skills they never knew they had. We feature state-of-the-art technology in a down-home atmosphere. Our local programs like the Valdez Fishing Report are uniquely Alaskan and air in various cities across the state.  If it’s happening in Valdez – you’ll hear about it on KVAK Radio.

KVAK On-Air Programs, include:

  •  Local, Statewide and National News
  •  Local Interviews, including:
    * Valdez School Superintendent Interviews (bi-weekly) – Shared on-air and in KVAK E-News & as podcast on website
    * Good News Interviews
  •  Valdez City Council Meeting Broadcasts  (1st & 3rd Tuesdays at 7pm on 1230AM)
  •  Valdez City School Board Meeting Broadcasts (2nd & 4th Mondays at 7pm on 1230AM)
  •  KVAK Kids Broadcast Camps – 4th through 8th grade students record public service announcements, host radio shows while learning about performance, editing and board operations.
  •   Newsflash Sports & Activities– Valdez School Interviews (all sports and activities), news reports & schedules
  •  Senior Spotlights – Special Interviews with every graduating high school Senior (air in the month of May)
  •  Local & Marine Weather Forecasts
  •  Winter Travel Forecasts as Needed
  •  Summer Fishing Reports – Click Here to listen to the Valdez Fishing Report Podcast
    (podcasts also available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon)

KVAK E-Mail Newspaper & Website Community Features:

  • Business & Community News
  • Event Calendar
  • Community Obituaries, Memorials & Celebrations of Life
  • E-News Subscribers Birthdays
  • E-News Subscriber Subway Sandwich Giveaways
  • Snow Totals
  • Valdez Fish Derbies Updates & Information
  • Community Question of the Week
  • Photo Submission Opportunities & Contests

Does Anyone Still Listen To Radio?



+   Radio is the #1 reach medium.
+   213 million Americans listen every single week.
+   83% of those are 18 to 49.
+   Radio is the top source for the discovery of new music.
+   Radio is the most-used audio source in the car and at work.

The key reasons for radio’s staying power: It’s convenient, free, and offers unparalleled opportunities to make connections on the local level.

In most metros, radio is the #1 local medium.  Nine out of ten listeners engage with their local DJs – either by phone, by text, on social media, or in person at different events.  In addition to music, people listen to radio for news, weather, and traffic and to learn about what’s going on in their community.

Radio is easy to use, especially in the car.  Despite the rapidly changing nature of the dashboard, radio trounces Sirius XM for time spent listening on an average weekday, with 54% for AM/FM radio vs. just 19% for Sirius XM. 81% of Spotify and Pandora listeners still listen to local radio.

Radio is targetable.  It allows advertisers to speak to demographics and consumer lifestyles that they want to reach.

Radio is cost-effective. You get maximum reach and frequency for less than most other major media.

Radio has lower production costs, which allows you to have multiple formats, multiple commercials for multiple formats, and really engage with that listener.  Radio offers a great return on investment.

While only 2% of the population wakes up on any given day proactively looking to make a specific purchase, radio reaches the remaining 98% before they even think about buying.  Radio has top-of-mind awareness, perfect for when they’re ready to purchase.

AM/FM is the #1 reach medium, and radio increases brand recognition.

Edited from the NAB session, “Why radio 2024, Do your presentations break through the clutter” with Natalie Marsh of Lotus and Tricia Gallenbeck of Cumulus.