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Over 92% of Americans age 12 and up listen to radio each week. Radio is a mobile medium. People listen to the radio in their car, at work, at home, and at play. And with the KVAK Radio App, our listeners can even listen to the radio on their phone wherever, whenever. Valdez knows that KVAK Radio is their hometown station and will keep them up to date on everything local. That’s why people continue to tune into 93.3FM and1230AM in their car, at home, and on their phone.

KVAK specializes in cost-effective, targeted advertising to help local businesses grow. As the trusted source of local news and entertainment in Valdez, KVAK reaches the community that matters to your business or organization. With frequent radio spots that play multiple times a day, your message is heard repeatedly, ensuring brand recognition. Radio spots offer high visibility without the need for searching or scrolling, capturing the listener’s attention while on air. Moreover, radio advertising remains one of the most cost-effective options, with slower rate increases compared to newspaper and TV ads.

With the right audience, and enough frequency, your advertising dollars can provide a tangible return on investment. Our goal is to make your job easier by reaching enough of the right customers to positively impact your business.

What do we need from you to make an effective radio spot?

Whether you are doing advertising for a business, a notice to the public, looking to hire, or putting on an event, we will need the 5 most important pieces of information to write effective content for both the radio ad spot and the e-news insertion; the Who, What, Where, When, and Why:


In your advertisement we need to answer the question; Who are you? Whether you are a business, individual, or a non-profit organization, it is key that everyone knows the who.


The seciond necessaru piece of the puzzle is the What. What is the purpose for your advertisement, what is the goal? Be it hiring, fundraising, public notices, or just letting folks know what your special’s menu, it is all about what the audience needs to know. What do you want your audience to do?


The third key piece is the Where. From location to how to get more information, everyone needs to know where to go.


When it comes to effective advertising, you need to know the When. Timing is everything. Does the public need o know this information by a certain time, or a specific event date and time?


Finally there’s the Why. Why does the public need to know about it? Everything has a reason, what is yours?


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Check out some examples of Radio Spots KVAK has producded!

Radio spots are great, and they work even better in conjuction with KVAK E-Blasts!

KVAK’s E-Blasts and Radio Spots form a powerful advertising duo, reaching and engaging the local Valdez community by focusing on local news, entertainment, events, and businesses. By integrating traditional radio advertising with digital newsletters, KVAK maximizes the strengths of each medium: E-Blasts allow for detailed information, visuals, and interactivity, while Radio Spots provide immediacy, personality, and audio impact. This holistic approach enhances the overall effectiveness of advertisements, ensuring consistent messaging and reinforcing the brand. Combining E-Blasts with Radio Spots increases the reach and frequency of KVAK’s message, as subscribers are more likely to listen to KVAK Radio if they receive the E-Blasts, fostering familiarity and trust. Together, these strategies create a powerful advertising strategy that effectively engages the Valdez community.

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