Alaska’s 2016 Official Election Pamphlets Available to Public

See the Election Pamphlet for the Valdez Area HERE

October 13, 2016

(Juneau) – The Alaska Division of Elections released the Official Election Pamphlet (OEP) in English and several other languages to assist Alaska voters in making informed choices prior to Election Day, November 8, 2016. The new languages include Bristol Bay Yup’ik; General Central Yup’ik; Gwich’in; Norton Sound Kotlik Yup’ik; Yukon Yup’ik; Hooper Bay Yup’ik and Chevak Cup’ik. This week, the English OEP, which also includes Spanish and Tagalog for certain regions, was sent to each registered voter’s household and is also available online at:

“The OEP contains information about how to vote, voting locations, absentee voting and voter rights, and ballot measures appearing on the ballot,” said Elections Division Director Josie Bahnke. “I’m pleased that our new language assistance efforts included multiple translations to assist Alaska Native languages as well as Spanish and Tagalog.”

This election cycle, the division solicited participation from all 157 state and federal candidates to participate in the OEP. Those who wished to appear in the pamphlet submitted their candidate statement, photograph and a filing fee in accordance with state law. The text of the biographical statements is provided and paid for by the candidate in accordance with state law. Materials submitted for translation have a deadline that is 30 days earlier than the date in statute.

For presidential and vice presidential candidates from a recognized political party, parties submit their Certificate of Nomination. All of the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates were asked to submit materials from the National and State Party Chairperson. However, the Republican and Libertarian candidates did not submit anything for publication in the Official Election Pamphlet by the August 30, 2016 deadline.

The attached letter shows that on August 2, 2016 the division sent a letter to the Republican National and State Committee Chairperson inviting them to submit information for its Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees with the deadline of August 30, 2016. The division sent similar letters to the Democratic National Committee, the Libertarian Party and other candidates who qualified for national office.