Valdez, AK – During their regular meeting on Tuesday, May 18, Valdez City Council appointed Dennis Fleming to fill a vacancy as the seventh member of the city council.

With Mayor Sharon Scheidt’s election to a full term as mayor, a short-term vacancy was created to fill her previous seat as a member of the city council.

According to Valdez Municipal Charter Section 2.14, if a vacancy occurs on the city council, except in the case of recall, the city council shall fill the vacancy by appointment within thirty days. The temporary appointment shall be for a term ending at the regular city council meeting immediately following the next regular municipal election.

Following a discussion in executive session on May 18, Valdez City Council returned to open session and unanimously voted to appoint Fleming to fill the vacancy.

Fleming received the next highest number of votes in the last municipal election. During the May 2021 municipal election, Council Member Todd Wegner received 445 votes, Council Member Dawson Moore received 321 votes, and Fleming received 267 votes.

Fleming will be formally sworn into office during the June 1, 2021 regular city council meeting and serve a term ending on May 4, 2022. To view his full biography, visit: