Principal’s Reports

GMS Information (from Rod Morrison’s Report to School Board): Current enrollment is 147 students. There are 33 participants in the Cross Country running programs and sixth-grade students visited Crooked Creek Visitors site and the National Park Service and mud volcanoes and the “After the Bell” program is underway.

VHS Information (from Woody Woodgate’s Report to School Board): There are currently 170 students enrolled at VHS with five new students, including a foreign exchange student from Germany. VHS has a small freshman class with 31 students, a graduating class of 45 students, six new teachers, a new counselor and a new building secretary.

HHES Information (from Melissa Reese’s Report to School Board): The current enrollment at HHES is 333 students, 23 of those students are enrolled in preschool. The 4th grade took a field trip with Stan Stephens Cruises for Alaska Social Studies and Science and the 5th grade visited Thompson Pass and the Goat Trail for Alaska Social studies. Principal Reese reports the “windows open and the remodel brightens up the classrooms, restrooms are ADA compliant and welcoming, sidewalks are safe and parking lots are painted”.