The silver salmon were definitely in for Women’s Silver Salmon Derby day in Valdez


VALDEZ, Alaska – After a raucous evening at the Opening Event for the Valdez Women’s Silver Salmon Derby Friday night, anglers set out early Saturday morning in search of the salmon that would earn them the title of Queen at the Awards Ceremony Saturday night. Many anglers heading out past the narrows ended up doubling back and coming back to fish Port Valdez because the silver salmon are in and plentiful close to the harbor. Laura Saxe of Eagles Rest RV Park said she heard that someone even caught a silver salmon at Allison Point.

Leslie West of Provo, Utah had never fished for salmon in Valdez but she said she got the hang of trolling and was really excited to see such a big fish at the end of her line. West brought in a 16.48 pound silver salmon to win her 1st place in the Women’s Silver Salmon Derby and put her into 3rd place in the overall Silver Derbystandings. “I’ve never trolled before”, West said. “This was all new to me and a lot of fun. I was just so grateful we got it in. It was kind of hard netting and it was exciting there for a few minutes, but we got it in. Oh my gosh, what a feeling!”. West said she was fishing very shallow but most anglers had success fishing at depths of 40 to 70 feet. “They were jumping, they were on the surface. We could see them everywhere. We just trolled on through and I lucked into the one”, West said.

West wasn’t the only one who caught a big fish on Saturday. Eight-year-old Aksel Hutchison of Valdez caught a whopper of a fish. Hutchison’s fish weighed in at 17.28 pounds and puts him in the lead to win the $10,000 first place prize in the regular Valdez Silver Salmon Derby.


With silver salmon heavy in the narrows, fishing should be good from shore at Allison Point and in Port Valdez the final weeks of the derby. Most of those trolling on Saturday had success trolling at a depth of 40 to 70 feet. Hot spots this weekend were the Valdez Narrows, Shoup Bay, Gold Creek and just outside the Valdez Harbor. The silver derby and Valdez Halibut Derby end Sunday, September 2nd at noon.

Patricia Johnson of Clovis, California is leading the Valdez Halibut Derby with a 285.8 pound halibut she caught July 26th. Doug Cranor of Valdez is currently 2nd place with a 239 pound halibut and Russell Young of Fairbanks is currently in 3rd place overall with a 226 pound halibut.



Halibut Derby – Overall Leaders

1st        Patricia Johnson           Clovis, CA                   285.8 lbs.         July 26             Harvester
2nd        Doug Cranor                Valdez, AK                  239.0 lbs.         June 23            Redhead
3rd        Russell Young             Fairbanks, AK              226.0 lbs.        June 23            Dan Orion


Halibut Derby – Weekly Winners

1st           Kevin Ulrich               Eagle River, AK         202.6 lbs.         Aug 5              Dan Orion
2nd        Steve Hanna                Emmett, ID                 140.0 lbs.         Aug 5              Sea Quester


Silver Derby – Overall Leaders

1st        Aksel Hutchinson       Valdez, AK                17.28 lbs.         Aug 11            Amanda Rose
2nd        Daniel Schneider         Anchorage, AK          16.64 lbs.         Aug 4              Sea Duck
3rd        Leslie West                 Provo, UT                  16.48 lbs.          Aug 11            Sea Duck


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Valdez Women’s Silver Salmon Derby 2018 – TOP 50

1st Leslie West Provo, UT 16.48 lbs.
2nd Karen Moore Anchorage, AK 15.36 lbs.
3rd Crista Anderson Valdez, AK 15.08 lbs.
4th Carrie Mercier Valdez, AK 15.06 lbs.
5th Angie Morris Valdez, AK 14.82 lbs.
6th Kate Foster Valdez, AK 14.76 lbs.
7th Jenny Smith Valdez, AK 14.68 lbs.
8th Lori Day Valdez, AK 14.58 lbs.
9th Rowena Palomar Valdez, AK 14.48 lbs.
10th Julie Mason Valdez, AK 14.44 lbs.
11th Nicole Wattengel Copper Center, AK 14.32 lbs.
12th Jennifer Forster Wasilla, AK 13.98 lbs.
13th Elizabeth Stroup Melbourne, FL 13.88 lbs.
14th Trish Kindt Pierre, SD 13.68 lbs.
15th Hope Roberts Valdez, AK 13.62 lbs.
16th Natalie Chamberlin Fairbanks, AK 13.58 lbs.
17th Sarah Kupczyk Valdez, AK 13.56 lbs.
18th Dorothy Cook Jber, AK 13.54 lbs.
19th Becky Dalks Palmer, AK 13.44 lbs.
20th Viki Kaas Anchorage, AK 13.40 lbs.
21st Adiana Clark North Pole, AK 13.36 lbs.
22nd Dezirae Wiley Valdez, AK 13.30 lbs.
23rd Marilou Wolterman North Pole, AK 13.18 lbs.
24th Phimchanok Boswell Valdez, AK 13.14 lbs.
25th Robin Tate Lesher Seabeck, WA 13.12 lbs.
26th Chris Harris Glennallen, AK 13.04 lbs.
27th Kyra Meyer Valdez, AK 13.02 lbs.
28th Germaine Eames Anchorage, AK 13.00 lbs.
29th Christina Cordes Palmer, AK 13.00 lbs.
30th Thale Steenhoven Salcha, AK 13.00 lbs.
31st Amanda Godin Valdez, AK 12.94 lbs.
32nd Dani Walters Valdez, AK 12.90 lbs.
33rd Rene Kappel Fairbanks, AK 12.88 lbs.
34th Lisa Cronk Valdez, AK 12.84 lbs.
35th Lillian Demoski Wasilla, AK 12.82 lbs.
36th Nikcol Fischer Fairbanks, AK 12.80 lbs.
37th Paula Rothenbuhler Salcha, AK 12.72 lbs.
38th Rachelle Jeppsen Ester, AK 12.72 lbs.
39th G.S. Richmand San Ramon, CA 12.68 lbs.
40th Leslie Bauman Valdez, AK 12.66 lbs.
41st Thitinan Dykstal Anchorage, AK 12.60 lbs.
42nd Kaylee MacDonald

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