GMS Second Quarter Super Huskies

Olivia – 6th grade

Olivia was selected by GMS staff as a Super Husky because of her leadership qualities. She humbly exudes confidence, is self-motivated, responsible, and friendly to all. Olivia takes her learning seriously and always submits top-quality work. She has a sense of civic duty and is a mover and shaker in student government. Olivia generously gives of her time and volunteers often, helping her classmates and school experience success. –Mrs. Keller

Ginger – 7th grade

I nominated Ginger Keller for the Super Husky Award because of her tireless effort in my Language Arts and Social Studies classes. Ginger consistently comes to class prepared and is never late with assignments. I believe she works hard at studying her spelling words and geography facts outside of class. During class, Ginger’s behavior is exemplary. Good job, Ginger. Keep up the good work! –Mr. Norris

Marshall – 8th grade

Marshall was nominated because he is a pleasant young man that always puts a smile on your face. He works well with others, is helpful towards his peers and does whatever it takes to create a positive atmosphere that staff and students enjoy. Marshall is also meticulous in the academic arena alway striving for excellence. He truly exemplifies the best of which GMS strives to create in its students! –Mr. Huston