VALDEZ, Alaska – Last year, the top three fish in the Valdez Silver Salmon Derby were caught from shore. Jacob Marquardt of Valdez reeled in his 1st place 17.52 pound silver on September 1st in the Boat Harbor. John Neitzeke of Grand Rapids, Minnesota reeled in his 2nd place 17.26 pound silver September 1st at Allison Point. Dawn Osmonson-Sturm also reeled in her 3rd place fish at Allison Point. Osmonson-Sturm is from Waukee, Iowa and her 17.18 pound silver was reeled in August 30th.

While the run of silver salmon in Valdez was much stronger in Valdez than the past two years, small silver salmon populated the Valdez Fish Derbies leader board until recently. The current leaders in the silver derby are:

Cole Baxter of Fayetteville, GA with a 15.62 pound fish is leading the derby. Homer Huffman of Valdez with a 15.10 pound silver is currently in 2nd place overall and Randy Arndt of Wasilla is currently in 3rd place with a 14.98 pound silver salmon. First place in the Valdez Silver Salmon Derby is $15,000 cash, 2nd place is $5,000 and 3rd place is $2,000. The Valdez Silver Salmon derby ends Sunday, September 3rd at noon.


In the Valdez Halibut Derby it is still Frieda Wiley at the top of the leader board with the record 374 pound halibut she caught August 6th aboard the Dan Orion.


This Friday, anglers will have a chance to win an additional $500 during Big Prize Friday. The person who buys a derby ticket and brings in the biggest silver salmon Friday, September 3rd will win $500 in cash in addition to the daily prizes. The Valdez Halibut and Silver Salmon Derbies end Sunday, September 3rd at noon. The raffle for $10,000 cash will be held that day after the close of the derby. Everyone who purchased a Valdez derby ticket will be entered in that drawing.


Halibut Derby – Overall Leaders

1st        Frieda Wiley                Valdez, AK                  374.0 lbs.         Aug 6               Dan Orion
2nd        Tim Stadtmiller                        Fairbanks, AK             266.6 lbs.         June 19                        Dan Orion
3rd        Brett Fickler                 Omaha, NE                  197.4 lbs.         Aug 18             Lena Claire


Halibut Derby – Weekly Winners

1st           Brett Fickler                 Omaha, NE                  197.4 lbs.         Aug 18             Lena Claire
2nd        Mitch Wallace             Corpus Christi, TX      164.4 lbs.         Aug 18            Sea Quester


Silver Derby – Overall Leaders

1st        Cole Baxter                 Fayetteville, GA         15.62 lbs.         July 26             Shark Tooth Charter
2nd      Homer Huffman        Valdez, Alaska            15.10 lbs.         August 25       Off Shore
3rd       Randy Arndt               Wasilla, AK                14.98 lbs.         August 26       Miss Esther

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