GMS Super Husky Awards: Second Quarter

6th Grade: Madeline O’Neil – “Madeline O’Neil is a quiet spirit with a great sense of leadership.  She has high expectations of herself and of others.  She continually finds ways to better her school community.”  —Mrs. Meyer
7th Grade: Alyssa Metzger – “Alyssa Metzger is often times referred to as “Momma” Metzger in my classroom.  She is a helper, a care-giver…making sure everyone has all that they need. Breaking her arm did not slow her down.”  –Mrs Huisingh
8th Grade: Gavin Osburn – “Gavin has been a Super Husky student so far in my class.  His attitude has been outstanding while cooperating with other students both in class and out. He has matured tremendous when playing competitive sports in class.”  –Mr. Hill