School Board Officers Elected

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Officer elections were held during the May 9th School Board meeting. Kathy Todd nominated Joe Prax to be President of the Board. The nomination was seconded and voting was unanimous. Kathy Todd was voted in as Vice President, Dolores Gard was elected Treasurer, and Bill Connell was elected to the Policy Review Committee. All votes were unanimous.

Members of the Policy Review Committee will be Kathy Todd, Bill Connell, Melissa Cockerham, with Dolores Gard as alternate.

Members of the Curriculum Review Committee will be Darryl Verfaillie, Dolores Gard and Joe Prax. The curriculum currently being reviewed is social studies.

Members of the Certified Sick Bank Committee will be Darryl Verfaillie and Bill Connell. Members of the Classified Sick Bank Committee will be Alan Sorum and Dolores Gard.