Healthier You 2016 Winners


The results are in!


Anyone who won a prize and was not able to make it to the finale, prizes will be at the P&R office at the civic center during normal business hours…THIS WEEK ONLY (4/25 -4/29) for pick up, Just ask for Rachel.

The Parks and Recreation Dept., also wanted to give a shout out to our sponsors, Sound Wellness Alliance Network, Prince William Sound College and Providence Valdez Medical Center and volunteers thanking them for their support and contribution to the 2016 Healthier You! Could not have done it without them!


379 Participants / 257 Finished the program*!

6242 Total Points Earned = 16,000 Hours of Activity

1005 Lbs LOST

70 Tobacco Free Days

Grand Prizes- Adults

*Prize drawing- 100 points or more*

$1000 Grand Prize –   Christine Auble

2nd Grand Prize-                   Scott Aleckson

3rd Grand Prize-          Jeanne Kirkland

Grand Prizes- Youth

*Prize drawing- 100 points or more*

5-8                       Cash Robison

9-12                     Richard Robison

13-17                   Linnea Langseth

Top Teams              40 Teams Total

#1 –                      Bodies In Tune

#2-                       The Legendary Slimsons

#3-                       Free Radicals

Top Organizations 11 Organization Participated

#1 –                      Valdez City Schools

#2-                       APSC/SERVS

#3-                       Providence Valdez Medical Center

Weight Loss            1005 Total Lbs Lost!

MOST POUNDS LOST–     Christopher Masters- 39 lbs

*top three weight loss by body weight percentage

#1-                       Woody Woodgate

#2-                       Christopher Masters

#3-                       Judy Prevost

Top Activity Points       

#1-                       Mary Casey

#2-                       Michelle Worby

#3-                       Alan Godfrey

Tobacco Free                70 Tobacco Free Days Logged

*top three with highest total smoke free days (who finished the program)

#1-                       Margaret Benzo


K-TWO- Keeping the Weight Off  19 Entries

*prize drawing of individuals who weighed in at or below last year’s weigh out (and lost 5lbs in the 2014 Healthier You)

Jodie Foster

Top Activity Points- Youth                     45 Participants

Age 5-8              #1     Cash Robison

#2     Jaysa Robison

#3     River Smelcer


Age 9-12            #1     Richard Robison

#2     Isabella Smelcer

#3     Spencer Holbrook


Age 13-17          #1     Linnea Langseth

#2     Haleigh Ficek

#3     Jeffrey Prevost


Over 25, Under 100 Prizes

*Participants who logged Over 25 points, but under 100 points in each age category

Age 5-8                        Joslyn Unger

Age 9-12                      Kinsey Mishmash

Age 13-17                   Jeffrey Prevost

Age 18-29                   Erin Nauta

Age 30-44                   Clint Nauta

Age 45-59                   Cindy Shiell

Age 60+                       Bev Lent

Goal Getter Prizes

*prize drawing by age category for each individual who reaches 1 or both of their goals (reach 2 goals- 2 chances in drawing)

Age 5-8                        Kain Montgomery

Age 9-12                      Bella Friend

Age 13-17                   NONE

Age 18-29                   Larissa Williams

Age 30-44                   NONE

Age 45-59                   Judy Prevost

Age 60+                       Sue Britt


*Please note eligibility for all prizes and competitions within the Healthier You program has been established in our 2015 Official Rules in the booklet and online. Participants, ages 18 and older, must complete the final weigh out to be eligible for any and all finale prizes.