Valdez Anglers Bringing Home Pinks, Silvers, Halibut and Rockfish

16.28 - Chris Thoma - Valdez, AK - 8-7 - TForRG

Overall Silver Salmon Leader, Chris Thoma

VALDEZ, Alaska – The leader board hasn’t changed much this past week in either the Valdez Silver Salmon Derby or the Valdez Halibut Derby, but lots of halibut and silver salmon are coming into Port Valdez. The silvers seem to be running a bit small this year, but it’s a great year for catching pinks, silvers and halibut all in one trip. Silvers are being caught from Allison Point, but fish cutter Pat Olson reports the bigger fish are coming from outside the narrows, which has anglers excited about a strong run of silvers and bigger fish closer to Port through the end of the derby.  A late run of pink salmon means the pinks are still bright and in good shape to catch. Couple that with an emergency order from Alaska Department of Fish and Game allowing a limit of 12 pink salmon and 12 in possession and anglers catching their limit of silvers and pinks can take home 18 salmon in a day. Throw in a couple halibut and a few rockfish and the family is fed for the winter.

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