Glennallen Woman Wins Valdez Women’s Silver Salmon Derby Crown

14_24 lbs Katrina Church Chmielowski

Pictured above: Katrina Church-Chmeilowski with her 14.24 pound silver

VALDEZ, Alaska – Friends don’t let friends fish without a derby ticket is a familiar slogan of the Valdez Fish Derbies, but it wasn’t a derby ticket that kept Kris Meyer away from the big prizes in the 2015 Women’s Silver Salmon Derby. Meyer bought a derby ticket for the Silver Salmon Derby, but did not register for the Women’s Derby so her 14.64 silver salmon won her a daily first place prize in the Silver Derby, but not the Women’s Derby Crown. Katrina Church-Chmielowski of Glennallen caught a 14.24 pound silver and was crowned “Queen of the Silver Salmon Sisterhood” Saturday night at the Civic Center.

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