296.2 Pound Halibut, Two Big Prize Fridays in Silver Derby

296_2 - Brad Burch - Clackamas, OR - 8-26 - Magic Dragon

Overall Halibut Leader Brad Burch

VALDEZ, Alaska – When Brad Burch got to Port Valdez, there was a Bobcat waiting to haul his catch off the boat. His halibut measured was an impressive 87 ½ inches and weighed in at 296.2. Burch is the new leader in the halibut derby and stands to win $15,000 cash if his mammoth fish hangs onto the lead through the end of the Valdez Halibut Derby Sunday, September 6th. Burch comes to Valdez often to fish. When asked whether he thought his fish would hang on to win the Grand Prize he responded, “Of course it will”. If he wins the $15,000 Burch said he would give some to his Captain and then pay off some bills.

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