Sports Interviews

Mason Loftin – Band Going to Regional Tournament

Mason Loftin talking about being in the 2018 pep band as a senior during their last home games, as well as going to the regional basketball tournament held in the Monroe Catholic High School. He also mentioned that the band may be going to the state tournament if both basketball teams, boys and girls, make it into the tournament.

Aidan Hinkle – We Love Doug

Aidan Hinkle talking about how they prepare the same for every game and every team at practice, as well as having two junior varsity players up for practicing at games. Hinkle also said how much they enjoy seeing Douglass Cummins, one of the junior varsity players, play during games and how excited everyone gets when he plays well.

Aidan Hinkle – Elks Tournament Win

Aidan Hinkle talking about keeping the Elks tournament first place trophy, just boys, at home for the first time in 14 years. Hinkle also spoke on his mindset going into games and how being “slippery” in the post is how he gets his points.