Dr. Angela Alfaro – Local Coronavirus Update 3-16-2020

KVAK’s Laurie Prax interviews Dr. Angela Alfaro, physician with The AlfaDoc practice and emergency doctor for Providence Valdez Medical Center, about Coronavirus and steps being taken in

Dr. Angela Alfaro Talks About Coronavirus

KVAK’s Laurie Prax sat down with Dr. Angela Alfaro about the Coronavirus. At the time of recording (Tuesday, March 10th) there are no confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in Valdez or the State

KVAK’s LIVE Broadcast from The Alfa Doc’s Sauna

Banff Film Festival – Teaser #2

Nick Farline and Jennifer James talk about the Festival coming to Valdez Wednesday, March 4th and agree to jump into the icy waters of Prince William Sound if the event sells out

Interview with Gideon Freudmann – Cello Bop

Ashlee Shaeffer – ASAAG Fall 2019 #1

Ashlee Shaeffer – ASAAG Fall 2019 #2

School Interview Series: Jason Weber, HHES Principal

Interview with Jason Weber-New HHES Principal for 2019-2020 School Year

Interview with 2019-2020 VHS Principal Jon Berkeley