(Cordova) – Registration permit hunt RG245 for mountain goats in Game Management Unit 6D closed by emergency order at 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, October 22, 2020. Hunt area RG245 includes that portion of Unit 6D west of Browns Creek, south of Lowe River and Port Valdez, and north of Jack Bay and the main channel of Jack River.

The last aerial survey of the area found a minimum count of 176 goats in registration permit area RG245. The maximum allowable harvest is 8 goat points. The current reported harvest is six billies, each counting as one goat point, and one nanny, which counts as two goat points for a total of eight goat points. Hunters remain in the field and additional goats may have been taken and not yet reported. Harvest that exceeds objectives could lead to reduced future hunting opportunity.

This closure affects only registration permit hunt RG245 in Unit 6D. All other mountain goat hunting regulations in the remainder of Unit 6 are not affected by this emergency order.