VHF Althrop Peak Tower functioning, others still out

After being non-operational for 125 days, the VHF tower at Althrop Peak in Southeast Alaska is operational and providing VHF coverage.

The Coast Guard has experienced various VHF outages in Southeast and Southcentral Alaska. Extra caution is advised in areas serviced by the VHF towers listed below.  Repairs are ongoing, but due to extreme weather and remote locations, intermittent outages are expected to continue in various locations in both Southeast and Southcentral Alaska. Mariners are reminded that due to mountainous terrain, and limited VHF coverage, even with fully operational VHF sites, the USCG cannot hear VHF calls in all areas, and mariners should have secondary means on communications onboard at all times, file a float plan with a trusted person, and carry safety equipment onboard in the event you are in a survival situation. The following phone numbers can be used to reach the US Coast Guard in emergencies. As always, all boaters should carefully evaluate their ability to assist distressed mariners, and always relay any heard distress calls to the US Coast Guard.

i.      Sector Juneau Command Center at 907-463-2980
ii.     Sector Anchorage Command Center: 907-428-4100
iii.    17th District command center: 907-463-2000

Charts showing the locations of VHF tower sites in Alaska can be seen at the
USCG’s Navigation Center’s website here:


These charts are a little outdated, and thus do not show an additional VHF
site at Valdez.

As of Monday, March 23, 2020, sites that the U.S. Coast Guard is unable to
receive VHF communications are: Bede Mountain, Cape Fanshaw, Deception
Hills, Sukkwan Island, Point Pigot, Tuklung Mountain, and Duffield