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Zebra Duiker

This antelope needs to show his stripes… and maybe a few other cool features. Press play to learn about the zebra duiker!

Goodnight Moon

There are lots of things to see in this little room!  Can you remember them?  Relax with this classic by Margaret Wise Brown and say “goodnight.”


Learn about solutions!

The Lost Colony of Roanoke

Vanished, leaving a mysterious clue yet to be unraveled. This unsolved mysteries has had historians scratching their heads for centuries. Click play to find out why.

Schultz’s Treasure

Buried treasure marked with an X! What else do you need to find and recover lost riches? Apparently a little more for this unsolved mystery. Click play to learn about this ongoing treasure hunt!

Pink Fairy Armadillo

The name isn’t the only thing cool about this creature! Press play and learn about, maybe, the coolest named critter in the world!

The Martian, Part 3

“The Martian” is a riveting and funny tale about a man surviving alone on Mars. In this excerpt, the author prepares for a rescue attempt, hoping to leave Mars behind.

Phase Changes

Learn about phase changes!


Everyone knows about the mystery that is Easter Island, but what if I told you that it has more than just the secret of the Easter Island heads? And what if I told you this mystery could

Nazca Geoglyphs

These geoglyphs is known for more than just being beautiful. Click play and find out the mystery behind this ancient art and why it’s still unsolved…

Maned Wolf

This wolf is one a kind! Its tall legs do more than just make this critter look like he’s on stilts. Click play and learn about the Maned Wolf’s quirks and features that set him apart from

Rip Van Winkle

Mr. Rip Van Winkle wakes up from a nap and walks through his town – but something isn’t quite right.

Acids and Bases

Learn about acids and bases!


James Sanborn might have created one of the most unsolvable riddles ever! His four part code has yet to be fully cracked, even the top minds of the CIA have failed! Press play to learn more!

Beale Ciphers

A treasure of gold and silver is still waiting to be found in Virginia and the only clues left behind were the Beale Ciphers. Press play to learn about this mystery!


Australia is home to a lot of cool creatures, one of them is the Bilby. Press play to learn about this cool creature!

The Martian, Part 2

“The Martian” is a riveting and funny tale about a man surviving alone on Mars. In this excerpt, the author underestimates the strength of spacesuit-grade glue.


Learn about atoms!


The beard, the horns, this guy’s got it all. Press play to find out why this goat might just be our GOAT favorite animal.

Worst Case Scenario Handbook – Alligators

Learn how to fight off an Alligator.  You know, because those pesky Alaskan alligators are everywhere.

Eastern Long Neck Turtle

Every one knows and loves the classic turtle, but what if we put a little spin on it? This guy’s long neck is just one of things that distinguish him from the rest, press play to find

The Old Man at the Bridge

In this short story by Ernest Hemingway, two travelers meet during a long and difficult journey.


This little creature is quite adorable, but don’t mistake him for a hedgehog! Press play to find out what makes this guy so special.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

In this classic tale by Washington Irving, Ichabod Crane gets more than he bargained for on his ride home through the woods.

Mexican Mole Lizard

No photoshop was used when capturing this little guy and yes, those are arms. Want to learn more? Press play and get to know the Mexican Mole Lizard.

The Martian, Part 1

“The Martian” is a riveting and funny tale about a man surviving alone on Mars. In this excerpt, the author compares driving the Mars Rover to his father’s driving during a family outing.

Dumbo Octopus

He may just look like a blob at the bottom of the ocean, but he’s much more than that. Press play to learn about our cool new creature, the Dumbo Octopus.

Blue Glaucus

Click play and learn about this cool little blue dude!


Learn something new! This little creature does more than just look cool. Click play to learn about it’s weird and quirky other traits.