New City Manager proposing changes to City structure

Valdez City Manager Mark Detter is proposing a restructuring of Administration in an effort to better manage the City of Valdez. Detter plans to share his restricting plan with City Council in a work session Thursday night at 6pm. The plan detailing the restructuring of Directors will be shared with Council in a work session Thursday night at 6pm. According to an agenda on the City website, the current plan is to place Roxanne Murphy, Assistant City Manager, over IT, PRCS, and Planning. Current Capital Facilities Director Nathan Duval will have Assistant City Manager added to his title and his supervisory responsibilities will include Capital Facilities and Building Maintenance staff, Ports & Harbor & Public Works. According to Detter, “The goal is for the City Manager to delegate more responsibilities and concentrate more on dealing with outside organizations, goal setting, and completion of Comprehensive Plan, Waterfront Master Plan, and Parks and Recreation Master Plan”.

CLICK HERE for proposed reorganization report