VCS Principals’ Reports to the School Board

HHES Report

Principal Jason Weber – The current enrollment at HHES is 352 students. Aimsweb testing finishing up for grades K-5. School theme for 2019-20 is fairytales. Jump rope club has started with over 70 students showing up on the first night. The new three lunch schedule is going good.
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GMS Report

6th Grade field trip to Mud Volcanoes
Principal Rod Morrison – Current enrollment is 150 students. There are 35 participants in the Cross Country running programs. Classes have been set up in differentiated Kagan groups, and we’ve done at least one structure everyday.
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VHS Report

Mrs. O’Brien’s Culinary Arts Class and their Food Service Worker certificates

Principal Jon Berkeley – There are 183 students enrolled at VHS. There is a bump in enrollment of about 20 more students, with a large freshman class accounting for a good part of the rise in enrollment. The Welcome Back Barbeque was well attended. Dual Credit classes have begun the week of August 26.
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