Glacier Lake accident victims recovered, next of kin notified

Valdez, AK – At 0954 hours on 7/30/19, Valdez Dispatch received a report of two deceased
individuals floating in the water near the toe of the Valdez Glacier. Valdez Fire and Police
responded to the Valdez Glacier Viewing area, where they observed a tour group preparing to
disembark from shore. Those individuals were instructed to remain on shore, and two members
of the Valdez Fire Department used one of their kayaks to paddle to the toe of the Valdez
Glacier to assess the incident site and contact the citizen who reported the incident. Three
additional members of the Valdez Fire Department quickly followed in a search and rescue raft.

Valdez Fire Department personnel confirmed that two individuals were deceased, and also
located another deceased individual at the incident site. The initial complainant, and two
passengers, were sent to shore and were interviewed by a Valdez Police Officer, while two
other Valdez Police Officers utilized a jet-engine inflatable boat to respond to the toe of the
Valdez Glacier to document the scene and assist the Valdez Fire Department in body recovery.

Responding officials located two deceased individuals in close proximity to one another, floating
next to an overturned inflatable canoe. The third body was located floating in the middle of the
channel a short distance away, with significant head trauma. All three were wearing life jackets.

The area surrounding them was littered with floating icebergs, glacial slush, and challenging
terrain for recovery. All three individuals, the inflatable canoe, paddles, pump, and personal
effects were recovered and transported back to the Valdez Glacier Viewing area.

One of the items recovered was a waterproof plastic box which contained identification for one
of the deceased individuals, as well as a set of keys. Valdez Police Officers used those keys to
enter into a motorhome parked at the Valdez Glacier Viewing area. Two others sets of
identification were located in the motorhome.

The motorhome and belongings were towed by the City of Valdez while the Valdez Fire
Department transported the bodies to Providence Valdez Medical Center. The Medical
Examiner’s office was contacted and arrangements were made for transport to Anchorage.

The deceased individuals were identified as:
Manfred Brida [DOB: 10/16/56], an Austrian national
Mrs. Maria Elisabeth Schröer [DOB: 11/10/50], a German national
Dr. Albrecht Paul Thomas Schröder-Schröer [DOB: 11/11/52], a German national

Next of kin notification was conducted with the assistance of the Honorary German Consulate
(Anchorage, AK), the German Consulate (San Francisco, CA), the Austrian Consulate General
(Los Angeles, CA), and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.