City Town Hall highlights impacts of SB57

City Finance Director Brian Carlson presented slides to an audience of just over 100 people Saturday at the Valdez Civic Center illustrating the impacts Senate Bill 57 would have on the budget for the City of Valdez. City of Valdez Attorney Robin Brena encouraged citizens of Valdez to oppose Senate Bill 57 because it would take 82% of the City’s revenues. The bill would seize oil and gas property tax that is currently received by the City of Valdez and transfer it to the State. While most panelists thought it unlikely SB57 would be up for consideration this budget period, several panelists urged the public to become more vocal and involved by contacting elected officials. Representative George Rauscher took the podium and said that Senate Bill 57 was sitting in committee and he did not expect it to move along. “I don’t see that kind of movement in this session, but your vigilance is definitely expected”, said Rauscher.

CLICK HERE – link to Senate Bill 57