Forest Reimann is the winner of the Frosty Fever $1,000 cash prize from KVAK

We’ve given out tons of prizes this year during Frosty Fever!

Brandy Smelcer – Dimond Center Hotel Stay
Lily Belnap – $100 at Fat Mermaid
Ahmed Ackhatib – $100 at The Prospector
Scott McCumby – Subway Office Party
Jason Ravary – Smart Phone from Copper Valley Telecom
Grant Osburn – $100 car wash card from Capt’n Joe’s
Forest Reimann – $1000 Cash from KVAK
John Fannin – ATV Bag ($300) from South Central Hardware
Congratulations to all!
Thanks for listening!

KVAK has a small staff who works really hard to put everything together to make KVAK’s Frosty Fever a reality. Planning, coordinating events, researching and ordering prizes and working with local businesses begins months in advance. It’s exciting to see how so many people can be pulled together by local radio! (and a good thing to keep in mind when you’re in need of advertising). Here’s a sneak peak behind the scenes!

Check out some of this year’s numbers:

· 10 Days of community fun!
· $2,000 – Value of On-Air Prizes
· $1,000+ in spotted prizes
· 1,250 buttons = $685
· 17 businesses offering discounts and specials
· 30 community events
· 24 Festival sponsors
· 30 KVAK hats and t-shirts given away
· More than 300 Kids Prizes Purchased
· 100+ Kids Prize Packets handed out
· 500 Frosty Fever cups purchased
· 1,000 Frosty Fever decals purchased and given away
· More than 1,200 copies of Discounts/Specials & Festival Schedule printed
(We used to print a lot more but people are downloading from website
· KVAK makes it all happen with only 4 KVAK employees plus temporary help and volunteers

Thanks to our major title sponsors!