Citizens and police intervened when intoxicated individual made sexual advances

Here is the excerpt from the Valdez Police Report

A caller reported that a male was attempting to take advantage of a female friend who was highly intoxicated near Dock Point.  The male suspect was making lewd remarks and attempting to go into the women’s restroom where other friends were trying to help her. The caller advised that after repeated attempts by the male suspect to enter the women’s restroom, that he had to use physical force to keep him out and detain him until Officers arrived.  The suspect had some minor injuries and was extremely intoxicated.  Investigation revealed that no crime was found to have been committed; however VPD would like to commend this citizen for taking action to prevent a possible sexual assault.   Officers determined the male suspect too intoxicated to be on his own and was unwilling to go back to his residence at a local fish processor. The individual was detained at the Valdez jail under Title 47 protective custody until he was sober. These events were relayed to the man’s employer and his employment was terminated upon release from protective custody and he was trespassed from company property.