National Guard Exercise Arctic Eagle 2018 sends 250 participants to Valdez

The Alaska National Guard is conducting Arctic Eagle 2018 throughout the state, Feb. 20 to March 8.


Exercise scenarios will demonstrate our ability to employ capabilities and resources in an arctic environment.

Approximately 250 National Guardsmen, and partners from state and federal agencies will be in Valdez, February 21-26. They will participate in cold weather training on Feb. 22, and a field training exercise February 23-24.  Several leaders from the organizations who are participating will be in Valdez Feb. 24 to observe the training and meet with local citizens and leaders.

The exercise scenario is that of a satellite with a nuclear reactor falling and crashing, with radioactive debris landing throughout Southcentral Alaska.

This scenario is a catastrophic incident that requires special units to respond and assess and restrict access to the area, and provide decontamination to keep citizens safe.

The Alaska National Guard’s 103rd Civil Support Team respond to threats of a chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear nature.

Guardsman participating in the exercise are from Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Utah, and Washington.


The Valdez event is one of six field exercises that are part of Exercise Arctic Eagle 2018.