School board goes back to the drawing board to find superintendent

The Valdez School Board hired a consulting firm that brought two finalists to Valdez the third week of January. Patrick Myers and Dr. Randy Corbett each spent a day in Valdez meeting with community members, staff and the School Board. At the conclusion of the interviews, the School Board offered the Superintendent position to Dr. Randy Trani of Corbett, Oregon and he declined.

In a written statement to the School Board, Trani explained why he chose not to accept the position, “ Valdez is my dream job and the vote of confidence you all granted me is humbling. I have never struggled so mightily with a decision.  It was a big ask for me to have my lovely daughter consider moving for her junior year to a new school in a new state.  Ultimately, she couldn’t make the move and still I considered long and hard making the move without her.  In the end I went back to one of my mantras that guides my work as an educator, one I think I shared with some of you, that says “We each only get to raise our kids once, and each kid only has one shot at each grade level…it is our job to make each year the best we can give them.”   In this case my job as a father is trumping my job as an educator.   I only get one chance to raise Aurora and as much as I want to come to Valdez and help support the kids there my first commitment is to her”.

School Board President Joe Prax commented, “The board is disappointed in this decision as we were excited by the possibility of having Mr. Trani lead the schools in a positive direction and build upon our strong position. However we understand the decision and respect it”. Prax said, “Valdez City Schools are in a perfect position for growth for the future and we will continue to look for the candidate who best fits the school’s needs”. He said the board will work with consultant Tom Jacobson to re-open the position and re-start the hiring process. The board will meet in a work session this week to discuss the parameters of the next search process.