2017 Community Christmas Program Registration Form

Sponsored by The Valdez Arts Council

(907) 835- 2786

Registration forms must be returned to the Valdez Public Library 260 Fairbanks St. on or before
Monday, December 11h to be considered for the show.


The Valdez Arts Council applauds your participation in the annual Community Christmas Show held at the Civic Center Auditorium on Saturday,  December 16th at 4:00 p.m.

Performance Information:

There will be a mandatory rehearsal on Friday, December 15th from 4:00 pm-6:00pm.  Please have your act prepared and ready to go.  If you do not attend you will NOT be in the show.  Your expected rehearsal time will be emailed and you must be present at that timeframe.

We are asking that each individual act not exceed 3 minutes in length and group routines do not exceed 5 minutes in length.  We are also asking that individuals or families please limit their number of acts so that we may accommodate more performers. (i.e. families participate in one act, rather than three separate)

If your act uses music, CD or I-pod, we need the exact version the name and artist of your song, so that we may make one copy for the show.  Please turn in with your registration.

All performances MUST have a holiday theme.

The goal of the show is to share talent of community members of all ages that is prepared and practiced, this is not a recital program.

Registration forms are required to be returned to Valdez Public Library by Monday, December 11th before 5:00 p.m.  There is a limited amount of acts we can accept due to time constraints.

Name (s) of performer (s)

Performer Name

Performer Name







Name of group (How would you like to be announced?)


Introduction of your talent, mentors, history, that we can share about you or the group. ____________________________________________________________


Type of performance (i.e. Vocal, piano, dance, reading, skit, band)


Title of the music being performed and artist of the song (if using music)


Equipment needs ( i.e Microphone, chair, music stands)


Any other special requests that you may need?  (Help on or off stage)


Contact name: _____________________________________________________

Contact phone number:______________________________________________

Contact email: _____________________________________________________