Valdez Women’s Silver Salmon Derby

Opening Celebration
Friday, August 11th
Valdez Civic Center • 6 – 9:30pm

Lots of Great Door Prizes • No Host Bar • Wheel of Chocolate • Costume Contest • Fish Olympics
Theme for this year is “Adventures On the High Seas”

Awards Party
Saturday, August 12
“Crowning of the Queen of the Silver Salmon Sisterhood™”
Valdez Civic Center • Doors open at 7pm • Event begins at 8pm

Music • Door Prizes • No Host Bar • Top 50 Prizes Awarded


Early Registration Begins: August 5th – 12th at the Prospector Valdez
(New location! – 200 Egan Drive)
Friday, August 11th: After 6:00pm, register up at the Opening Ceremonies at the Civic Center:
Saturday, August 12th: Prospector: 5:30am – Noon