Four ways to cast absentee ballot for May 2nd Election

There are four ways which you may cast an absentee ballot for the City of Valdez Regular Municipal Election to be held May 2.

1. Absentee Voting in Person
Vote at City Hall beginning
Monday, April 17th through Monday, May 1st from 8:30am-5pm.

2. Absentee Voting by Mail
CLICK HERE to download the COV absentee ballot by mail form.

3. Absentee Voting by Electronic Transmission (Fax or Email)
CLICK HERE to download the COV absentee voting by electric transmission form.

4. Absentee Voting through a Personal Representative
The form to request absentee voting by personal representative is available from the City Clerk’s office by contacting 834-3468.
CLICK HERE for more information about absentee voting