Auten and Norris Take Top Spots In Town Ski Race

Ski TeamPictured above: The VHS 2016-2017 ski team

Eric Auten of Valdez dominated the community racers division using classic technique in the 7k event and was the overall winner of the Town Ski Race Saturday. VHS senior Rylee Norris finished 1st in the high school division with an outstanding classic race. Norris was followed closely by junior Ben Swanson who also had a strong classic. All racers made great efforts, and showed great energy and enthusiasm in the freestyle event and finished.  During the event a total of $100 was made to assist the team in purchasing wax. Coach Pete Toye said the team wishes to sincerely thank all community racers. The next town race will be on December 31st starting at 10:30am at Cato Bridge—registration at 10:15. All town races are freestyle and skiers can choose their techniques.


  1. Eric Auten           28:03
  2. Rylee Norris       29:14
  3. Ben Swanson     30:08
  4. Sarah Histand    31:50
  5. Josh Miller          33:08
  6. Ben Stolen          33:52
  7. Will Stark             34:12
  8. Colton Prevost  35:00
  9. Erin Stark             35:17
  10. Taylor Huston    35:44
  11. Mark Prevost     36:25
  12. Chris Cummins  37:16
  13. Jon Banner         38:36
  14. Josten Carlson   38:40
  15. Grace Keller       39:37
  16. Caitlin Connell   42:29
  17. Michelle Cullen  45:16
  18. Victoria Korenev 45:40
  19. Rowan Miller       49:42
  20. Karen Cline           51:52
  21. Cindy Clemmens 55:21