Valdez Socioeconomic Indicators Report


The Valdez City School District was rated the top school district in Alaska for 2013-2014 by a national ranking website (
For the last two years, the Elementary, Middle and High Schools in Valdez have received 4 out of 5 stars from the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development’s
Alaska School Performance Index (ASPI). Across all grades and all subjects, Valdez students consistently outperformed their peers across the state in terms of the percentage of tested students proficient at a given subject.
Respondents to the 2015 online Business Survey ranked the quality of local education as one of the greatest advantages of doing business in Valdez.

Vdz School Chart



The cost of rent, food, and gasoline ranks Valdez at or near the most expensive compared to five other southcentral Alaska places. Compared to these same places, heating oil, electricity, and propane are relatively more affordable. A large proportion of Valdez’s housing stock is older and less efficient, and over a quarter of the city’s housing stock is in mobile homes. This combined with the harsh climate result in Valdez residents spending an average of 13% of their income on household energy, more than the comparison Southcentral communities.

Cost of Living