2016 Election Candidate Responses Continued

Fleming Continued:

before the Council.  I will pay attention to the details and make the right financial decisions, no matter how difficult they may be.


Moulton Continued:

closely related and we need to come together to form a real plan to stabilize the cost of living in Valdez. We are a remote town, so it will never be cheap to live here, but we should be continuing our search for ways to reduce this cost. As a Councilmember, I have pushed to increase our personal property exemption (will be on this ballot), expand the parameters of the Energy Assistance Program, and have been active in a solution for more affordable housing.


Prax Continued:

1. is even easier to improve more and have an even better program. That has been rewarding to have a small part of the success. Finally we have to make sure that there are not too many distractions, with outside requirements. For example the State mandated AMP test should have been cancelled as it did nothing to serve students and wasted the most precious resource of time.

2. an exciting time to be involved with the schools. We have gone from steadily declining enrollment to substantial increases in the past two years. Valdez will continue to have strong schools that will be recognized as a leader in Alaska and the place where people choose to send their children for a quality education.