PWSC Drama Department Production This Weekend

The PWSC Drama Department will be staging a workshop production of a new play by Sylvia Khoury on March 25 & 26. It takes place at 7:00 p.m. on both nights at the Valdez Civic Center; tickets are available at the door.

The production is directed by Dawson Moore, who found the script in last year’s submissions for the Last Frontier Theater Conference. “It was my favorite play, but the author was unable to join us for the event. Six months later, it was still on my mind, so I contacted the author about putting up a production.” The play is still very new, not having had its world premiere yet. The college will be staging a workshop production, leaving its official premiere to be taken by a major company in the lower 48.

The play tells the story of four Americans who travel to the Middle East for a destination wedding. The night before the event, the hotel they are staying in is attacked during a coup, and they must find their way out of the hotel. The play is a comedy, only with life-and-death stakes set against a world stage.