Salvation Army Red Kettle Stolen in Wasilla

Salvation Army Red Kettle Stolen in Wasilla; Thief Escapes with Hundreds12/10/15
Last night one of The Salvation Army’s volunteer charity red kettles was stolen by a thief in the Mat-Su Valley. The Salvation Army volunteer was finishing their shift in front of the Wasilla Walmart when an unidentified person snatched the kettle and ran. This person was chased by the bell-ringer and an anonymous gentleman from a nearby construction site. The thief ran all the way to the Valley Cinema parking lot before getting into a truck and speeding away.

It is still unsure how much was taken but it is estimated to be in the hundreds of dollars. “I don’t know exactly how much was taken but I do know what was lost,” said Salvation Army Capt. Jeff Josephson, “warm blankets, food for the needy, work clothes and utility assistance. People put their hard-earned money in our Red Kettles because they know we will turn it into much needed help for their neighbors who are down on their luck. We turn it into hope. This is a tragedy for many people who need our help to make it through the winter.”

The Salvation Army is working with the police to identify the thief. Details will be released as they become clear.

There are hundreds of volunteers at Red Kettles all across the state and while thefts of this nature are being experienced in the Lower 48 this is the first time this has happened at an Alaskan location this year. The Salvation Army would like to thank the unknown Samaritan who volunteered to help retrieve the Kettle last night.