Valdez City School Hiring Instructional Tutor and Special Education Paraprofessional / Aide

Instructional Tutor

Will work closely with “at-risk” students on a regular basis in an effort to provide
them with the academic support in developing reading skills.

Required qualifications include: ability to understand test scores, teacher’s prescription for student, and how to put materials together for students to deliver the lesson; good oral and written communication skills and ability to synthesize information gathered from parents, teachers and children for improving each child’s program; skill in working with children in a classroom model; ability to work well with children; knowledge of good teaching practices; willingness to perform various job-related duties as situations require a strong sense of teamwork, and ability to work cooperatively with others.

Special Education Paraprofessional / Aide

Will work closely with special needs pupils on a regular basis in an effort to provide them with the academic and emotional support and provide physical help they need to gain full benefit from the District’s special education program.

Required qualifications include: meet definition of Federally Qualified Aide, patience, empathy, caring, compassion and strong communication skills.

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Application deadline for both positions is Dec. 16th.