Cold Weather Clothing

Students should come to school dressed with appropriate apparel, during the winter months. Whenever the temperature (with wind chill) is ZERO degrees and above, we have students participate in outdoor recess. Please make sure your children come to school properly dressed so they may take advantage of the few opportunities we have to enjoy the outdoors in the middle of winter. They should have coats, hats (hoods), gloves, boots, long pants and/or snow pants. Please mark all student coats, mittens, PE shoes, and boots with a name identification easily seen. Many of our students have snowsuits the same size, brand and color. The name may be the only form of identification available when there’s a dispute over to whom the snowsuit belongs.

If you, or someone you know, is not able to provide cold weather clothing for students, please contact the HHES Office. We may be able to help provide gear.