VHS Senior Volleyball Players

Coach Ronal Langseth (10-26-15) – This week is senior week for the Volleyball Lady Bucs. Most of these young ladies will see an end in a mere three weeks to their junior high and high school volleyball experience. They have each represented their families and schools with great pride, and I applaud them for that. This is a talented group, not only these seniors, but the underclass players as well and their leadership will hopefully rub off for the years to come.

Please take time to recognize these seven fantastic young ladies and their volleyball accomplishments…together along with their current and preceding teammates; they have amassed a grand record. During the last three years they have earned a conference record of 24 wins and 6 losses, won 7 tournaments. Individually these ladies have also accomplished much. Please recognize these seven.

Mesa Rohrer – 3 years Varsity, Outside hitter, Middle Blocker, Mesa has been recognized as an All-Tournament Player during many tournaments, All Conference, as well All State. She may be the best 3A Hitter in the state.

Zoe Langseth – 3 Years Varsity, Outside Hitter, and middle back. Zoe has been recognized as an All-Tournament Player during many tournaments, She has been selected as All Conference. Zoe has been noticed as one of the best 3A All-Around players in the state.

Madison Fleming – 4 Years Varsity, Setter. Maddy has been recognized as an All-Tournament Player during many tournaments. She has been selected All Conference. Maddy is among a small group of setters that can claim to be the best in 3A Play.

Madeline Hogarth – 3 years Varsity, All-around player. Madeline has made the All-Tournament team at the Valdez Invitational. Madeline can be recognized as one of Valdez’s great passes.

Sidney Hursh – 3 years Varsity. Sidney has established herself as a right side hitter. One of Sidney’s main jobs is block her opponents, A task she does well.

Joy Shumate – 3 years Varsity. Joy has established herself as an all-around player. Joy is always up to the challenge…she can hit block and pass. Currently Joy plays Middle Blocker.

Jesse Cox – First Year Varsity. Jesse is part of the 2015 Lady Buccaneer Team, and her role is invaluable. Jesse is a utility player who can serve, pass and help set when needed.