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(April 4th & 5th and April 11th & 12th)

The Second Annual Wings over Valdez will be happening the first two weekends of April (April 4th & 5th and April 11th & 12th)  
According to an article on “The purpose of the Wings over Valdez event is to showcase the flying sports of Speed riding, Paragliding and Skydiving. The future goal of the W.O.V. event will be to show what the beautiful city of Valdez, Alaska has to offer as far as flying opportunities, and they are world class!” Most of the pilots that will fly at the Wings over Valdez event are part of the Arctic Airwalkers club out of Eagle River, Alaska. The Arctic Airwalkers are the oldest and biggest paragliding club in the USA. With several US paragliding and World cup champions. Two helicopters will whisk pilots to the top of the 5000ft+ mountains above Valdez. From there, pilots will coordinate acrobatic displays of technical flying. Look for spiral dives, wing overs and colored smoke to entertain. Also, speed wing or speed rider pilots will be hugging close to the Mountain and proximity flying and rapidly descending heart stopping lines over rock cliff faces.

Valdez Little League is gearing up for the Summer Season. Opening Ceremonies are scheduled for May 19th and Registration Forms are available now. Pick up a Registration form at HHES or GMS or download from the Valdez Little League Facebook page. The League is planning trips to Cordova and Delta in June for the Minors, Majors and Junior Teams. The league is still in need of coaches for the 2015 season. If you or someone you know might be interested, there's a coaches meeting Tuesday, March 24th, 6:30pm at the Valdez Library. Or contact BJ williams at There are a few openings on the Valdez Little League Board as well. Interested parties can talk to BJ Williams. Little League Baseball Practice will start as soon as the fields are clear of snow.

CLICK HERE for registration form


1st snowfall of winter season – December 4th, 2014
Amount of snowfall this season – 57.4 inches
Amount of rainfall since Dec. 4th – 16.51 inches


Alaska Dispatch (March, 13th 2015) - Troopers say one person died and five others were injured Thursday evening in a crash on the northbound Glenn Highway just beyond the Knik River bridge.

The wreck was reported at 6:02 p.m., said troopers spokeswoman Megan Peters in an email.
Trenton Shepersky, 22, of Wasilla was driving southbound in a Chevrolet pickup when the truck crossed the median into northbound traffic. It crashed head-on into an RV and then hit a Chevrolet van, said a troopers dispatch posted online Friday.

A woman in the RV was declared dead on the scene. Troopers are withholding her identity pending notification of her next of kin, the dispatch said.

CLICK HERE to view full article

Several City Departments submitted year-end reports for 2014 to the Valdez City Council. The links below will take you right to those reports.
Valdez Small Boat Harbor Year-End Report 2014

 Year End Report
Year End Report Comparison
Harbor Upland Winter Storage
Pioneer Field Airport Terminal Building Year-End Report 2014

Airport Year End Report

Port 2014 Year-End Report

Port Year End Report
Port Year End Statistics
Port Kelsey Dock Year End Statistics
Valdez Police Department 2014 Year End Report
Cover Memo Statistics & Reports
Law Incidents by Year 2007 – 2014
2014 Arrests
Jail and Dispatch Stats
Valdez Animal Shelter Snapshot
Animal Shelter Report
 Alaska Dispatch News (March 9th, 2015) JUNEAU - Shorten state employees’ workweeks to cut costs. Let Alaskans invest their Permanent Fund dividends in the proposed natural gas pipeline from the North Slope.
Or how about, “Fire yourself”?
Those were some of the comments Alaska residents and public employees sent Gov. Bill Walker in response to his administration’s online survey searching for ways to save the state money.
The results were released last week and included thousands of ideas -- specific and constructive, old and new, some downright zany. 

 CLICK HERE to view full article

VALDEZ STOL COMING BACK TO OSHKOSH FOR EAA AIRVENTURE 2015 (March 12th, 2015) – The specially modified short takeoff/landing (STOL) aircraft that were a hit at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2014 are returning for more fun this year, as they re-create one of the world’s most unique aviation competitions.
The “Valdez STOL” airplanes will be part of the 63rd annual Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) fly-in convention<> is July 20-26 at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh. Those aircraft compete at the annual Valdez, Alaska, fly-in and air show in May each year, and demonstrated the unique capabilities of the airplanes and pilots at Oshkosh in 2014.

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Local Election Update

Election Update: Per the city clerk, this is the most up to date list of community members who have taken out petitions to run for City Council and School Board. Those who have not returned petitions have until Monday, March 16th at 5 pm.

City Council:

Ryan McCune
Dawson Moore - Returned
Robert Mueller - Reurned
Cassandra Zabala
H. Lea Cockerham - Returned
Douglas Davies
Alvin Murray - Returned
Bill Wise
James "Hotai" Williams
Rick Wade
Kyle Rennie
Lon Needles
Rhonda Wade
Greg Davis


School Board:
Kathy Todd
Dolores Gard
Carey Wade


KTVA – The Valdez Police Department says their community is ready should an active shooter ever take aim at their city.
Back in May of 2013, the department trained in a program called ALICE — which stands for alert, lockdown, inform, counter and evacuate. The program’s founder, Greg Crane, says it is designed to be a proactive response to a man-made threat.
“Sometimes, sitting in the corner is not what you should be doing in this moment,” said Crane. “You have other options.”

CLICK HERE to view full article

Due to a technical issue, property tax assessment notices were mailed by the City to all property owners of record on March 6, 2015. The deadline for accepting tax assessment appeals to the Board of Equalization is now extended to April 6, 2015.
To appeal the assessed valuation of property, all appeals must be filed in writing on forms provided by the City of Valdez. Forms may be obtained at the front desk of City Hall between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

National Geographic Society – Jacob Porritt of Valdez is one of the semifinalists eligible to compete in the 2015 Alaska National Geographic State Bee, sponsored by Google and Plum Creek. The contest will be held at the Egan Center, 555 West 5th Avenue in Anchorage on Friday, March 27, 2015.

CLICK HERE to view full press release

National Geographic Society – Jacob Porritt of Valdez is one of the semifinalists eligible to compete in the 2015 Alaska National Geographic State Bee, sponsored by Google and Plum Creek. The contest will be held at the Egan Center, 555 West 5th Avenue in Anchorage on Friday, March 27, 2015.

CLICK HERE to view full press release

Valdez High School students caught money on fire, burned bubbles and demonstrated how flames would chase coffee creamer through the air last Tuesday night at the Valdez High School Gym. The event was created by High School Principal Rod Schug to give students and the School District a chance to showcase science and the arts. The event featured experiments, woodworking, artwork and demonstrations, as well as live music from the High School band and choir. Students and teachers manned booths scattered around the gymnasium and presented information for two hours to the delight of young students, parents and community members. The students clearly enjoyed the opportunity to create, experiment and play with fire but it was clear to those in attendance the event ignited the spark for learning.

Our Good News Interview is with Katie Franciosi this Friday during the 9am, Noon and 6pm news hours. Franciosi, a Valdez High School Senior, recently won a writing contest and talks with KVAK about her journey through high school and how she discovered her love of writing and the outdoors.

ROOKIE COP PRAISED FOR HELPING BRING DOWN DRUG RING - VALDEZ – Officer Andrew Pritchett of the Valdez Police Department came to Alaska by way of Seattle. In February 2012, he and his wife moved up to Valdez so he could pursue his longtime dream of working in law enforcement. High school sweethearts, the snowy winters of Valdez did nothing to scare them away.
“I always wanted to be a police officer. I had two police officers who were kind of instrumental in my teen years,” Pritchett said.
When he was just six months out of training, Pritchett arrested 26-year-old Timothy Miller. That arrest would lead to convictions for Miller and five other people for charges related to drug trafficking. For a street cop in his rookie year of service, the arrest — and investigation that followed — was a remarkable accomplishment.

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VALDEZ - Beginning Tuesday, February 24, 2015, people age 21 and over can legally possess, outside of their homes, up to an ounce of marijuana and can grow up to six plants in their home (with up to three being mature, flowering plants). Adults may also give up to an ounce of marijuana and up to six plants to another adult. 
This week's City Council packet contains a bevy of information on the new marijuana law and has published public service information making it clear that marijuana is not legal for those under 21 and that one shouldn't drive while under the influence of marijuana. The public service announcement also provides common sense tips for marijuana. 

CLICK HERE to get all the facts about marijuana initiative
CLICK HERE to read public service information tips on marijuana

NOON - Friday
93.3FM & 1230AM - Also streamed on

*CALL 907-835-5825 to place a bid

(refresh often to see bids and sold cakes)
  1. North Douglas Island Chocolate Cake

Baker: Agnes Hanson
This cake comes from the Fiddlehead Restaurant Cookbook, and is a popular dessert at their restaurant in Juneau.
SOLD: $50
  1. Gluten Free German Chocolate Cake

 Baker: Audrey Bower
 Gluten Free German Chocolate Cake with a classic coconut pecan frosting
SOLD: $75
  1. Bouquet of Roses

Baker: Jessica Paternoster
White chocolate Strawberries molded into the shape of a beautiful rose, great for surprise for your sweetheart.
SOLD: $200
  1. Frangipane Raspberry Cake

Baker: Grace Huhndorf
Almond frangipane cake with vanilla, Italian buttercream, and organic raspberry jam, and fresh raspberries. Comes with a bottle of champagne!
Current: $150
  1. Hummingbird Cake

Baker: Jamie Arciniega
Classic Southern cake made with bananas, pineapple, chopped pecans, and topped with a brown butter frosting.
  1. Sugar Free Carrot Cake

Baker: Lori Chaffin
Delicious Sugar free carrot cake. All natural, old-fashioned carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. All organic, all natural. Even the walnuts are from an organic farm in Oregon. Made in Truvia. The vanilla is made from scratch. The entire cake is diabetic friendly but we have a personal guarantee it doesn't taste sugar-free. Comes with the pan.
SOLD: $70
 Apple Pie Cupcakes

Baker: Riley McNelly
These little tasty treats are always a hit. They taste just like mini sized apple pies. Granny Smith apple goodness, drizzled with caramel!
SOLD : $75
  1. Leche Flan - Cassava Cake

Baker: Rowena Palomar
Traditional Filipino Dessert. In the Philippines, leche flan, or caramel custard, is a popular dessert served during celebrations or special occasions. Cassava Cake is made with fresh cassava root (yucca) and coconut milk. It is topped with coconut milk and egg yolk custard.
  1. Vanilla Coconut Cake w/Lemon Curd and Cheesecake Filling

Baker: Grace Huhndorf
The ultimate vanilla layer cake with vanilla Italian buttercream, lemon curd, vanilla cheesecake filling and toasted coconut chips. Comes with a bottle of Champagne!
Current bid: $130
  1. Almost Famous Carrot Cake

Baker: Joanne Winney
This cake is a proven favorite! Layers of delicious cake studded with carrots, pecans, raisins, and Pineapple. The op is generously frosted with a  luscious cream cheese frosting. This cake will satisfy your sweet tooth!
Current bid: $90
  1. Stephanie’s Chocolate Cake

Baker: Stephanie Doyel
Moist and full of chocolate flavor, this cake is perfect for those who love chocolate cake and a big glass of milk. This delicious chocolate cake will have you coming back for seconds.
SOLD: $100

Strawberry Cake with a Buttercream Frosting

Audrey Bower
Strawberry Cake with a Buttercream Frosting
SOLD: $175
  1. Bouquet of Roses

Baker: Jessica Paternoster
White chocolate Strawberries molded into the shape of a beautiful rose, great for surprise for your sweetheart.
Current bid: $130
  1. Basket of Flowers Cake

Jessica Paternoster
Chocolate Cake w/choc. Swiss meringue buttercream. Filled with Sugar Flowers
Current bid:$145

15. Black Magic Cake Chocolate

Julie Lindemann
Moist and flavorful chocolate cake between layers of the rich, creamy chocolate buttercream icing, crowned with lovely chocolate curls and beautiful white chocolate snowflakes. This cake is a chocoholic's dream!
SOLD: $175

16. Carrot Cheesecake Swirl

Joanne Winney
This delicious cake combined two loveable types of cake. A cheesecake cake and carrot cake swirled together to make this delicious treat.
SOLD: $200



Today at the HHES Cafeteria
6:30pm – 8:00pm

The HHES PTA is having their annual family bingo night, tonight in the HHES cafeteria. The doors will open at 6pm and the bingo numbers will be called from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. To attend there is a minimum donation at the door of $20 for a family or $5 per person. Bingo night is “Luau” themed and attendants are encouraged to dress up for the event.

CLICK HERE for more information


Frosty Fever 2015

KVAK will give away 1,250 buttons starting Friday, Feb 20th and one of them will win someone $1,000 cash. When you get a free button at participating giveaway location, you win prizes four ways.
1. Get Spotted Wearing a Button and Win Prizes Instantly
 2. Wear into Participating Businesses for Discount or Special
 3. Find your Button # on KVAK’s Facebook Page and Win
 4. Listen to 93.3FM & 1230AM for the number on your button to be called
Call KVAK Radio within 12 minutes and 30 seconds
to win $100 Gift Certificates, Prizes Worth $100+, Ravn Alaska Tickets and the $1,000 Cash.
Stay tuned to KVAK and become a Listener Club Member for more info.




The City expects to authorize the issuance of up to $20 million in general obligation bonds for Harbor improvements and expansion. According to the statement in the Council packet, it will take taxpayers 21 years to pay back the bond. 
The Council will vote Tuesday night to approximately an additional half a million dollars to Arcadis US for project management of the harbor project, bringing the anticipated management and planning of that project to well over a million dollars.
Proposition 2 on the November 4 ballot passed 53 to 47 percent statewide, and opening the door to legal marijuana use has opened the door to many questions. The initiative provides for the personal use of marijuana by adults 21 years or older. However, until the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board adopts regulations governing the production and sale of marijuana-related products, open and public consumption of marijuana will still be prohibited. A FAQ has been posted on the City of Valdez website regarding marijuana that explains that,it will still be illegal for those under 21 years of age to possess marijuana. The FAQ includes a timeline that lists November 24, 2015 as the deadline for the ABC Board to adopt regulations.

CLICK HERE to see the full Marijuana FAQ 

Tuesday, February 17th  2015
at City Council Chambers

Work session: 6:00pm
Regular Meeting –7:00pm

Items include:
PUBLIC HEARING - Discussion Item Discussion of City Bonding 20 million for Valdez Harbor Project
New Business Items Include:
1. Approval of Amendment to Contract with Arcadis US for project Management of the New Harbor Project in the Amount of $499,638
2. Approve Contract to H Construction for the Senior Center Attic and Insulation Project $84,500
3. Approval of Senior Citizen Hardship Tax Exemption

CLICK HERE for full agenda

THINGS NO ONE IN ALASKA SAY recently posted an article named, “18 Things People In Alaska Would Never be Caught Saying.”
CLICK HERE to view the article

Cynthia Shidner and Officer Aaron Baczuk - Three LEGO robotics teams in Valdez recently competed in a statewide Lego League competition with 26  Alaskan teams on Saturday, February 7th.   Strong winds and cold temperatures prevented the 3 teams from traveling to Fairbanks.  Thanks to the technical assistance of Mrs. Reese and Mrs. Keeney, the three teams--“Bananabots”, “Super Brotatoes” and “Red Hot Robot Masters”—were able to use Skype video calls to compete against 26 teams. 
For the fourth year in a row, the Valdez LEGO robotics teams earned trophies for their teamwork, engineering and programming skills.   All of the teams would like to thank their financial supporters, both past and present, for providing the funding for the LEGO robot kits:  United Way Valdez, Copper Valley Electric, Alyeska Pipeline Service Company, Juneau Economic Development Council and the Valdez City School District.
The “Bananabots” from George Gilson Middle School earned a trophy for the highest score in “robot performance”.  The “Super Brotatoes” from Hermon Hutchens Elementary earned the “Gracious Professionalism” trophy for their excellent teamwork and the second highest score in robot performance.   
The “Red Hot Robot Masters” is a 10-member team of 3rd and 4th grade students.  The “Red Hot Robot Masters” are organizing two free events for the Valdez community—the “LEGO Robotics Experience” at the Valdez Civic Center on Friday and Saturday, March 13th and 14th and the “Art Heals Your Heart” student art festival at the elementary school in April.  Thanks to a partnership between Hermon Hutchens Elementary and FOCUS homeschool, our team includes Chase Bowden, Piers Shirk, Justin Ralph Breis, Ethan Weber, Acacia Montgomery, Malia Kamauoha, Anthony Riedinger, Rafe Caruthers, McKennan Mayer and Fisher Mishmash. 
The “Super Brotatoes” is a 8-member team of 4th and 5th grade students: Spencer Holbrook, Hunter Francis, Brandon Nguyen, Evan Clark, Eider Schantz, Joshua Baczuk, Kyle Henderson and Cameron Bowden.  The coaches for both teams are Cynthia Shidner and Erica Shirk.  The “Super Brotatoes” and “Red Hot Robot Masters” would like to thank Mrs. Reese and Mrs. Keeney for their help this year, as well as our parent volunteers—Betsy Caruthers and Sonja Mishmash.
The “Bananabots” team displayed a high level of cooperation, commitment, and innovation.  This team of 10 middle school students, coached by Officer Aaron Baczuk, was newly formed this year in cooperation with the robust and established Lego Robotics program from Hermon Hutchens Elementary. The middle school team consists of Alex Britton, Wyatt Cummings, Hayden Howard, Elijah, Sydney McKay, Angelina Zuniga, Curtiss Lemieux, Logan Anderson, Jeffrey Prevost, and Isaac Clubb.  As a result of the project portion of the competition, the team has plans to acquire a 3-D printer from funds raised by the team as well as matched funds from the middle school.  The printer will be donated back to the middle school to use in the science and technology departments.
The Bananabots would like to thank Mr. Morrison and Mrs. Franciosi for all of their support and efforts, as well as Mr. Langseth and the wood shop students and Mrs. Cox for sharing their space with us in the middle school.  Also, a BIG thanks goes out to parents Judy Prevost, Wendi Clubb, and Stacie and Josh Britton for all of their help with the team.

Thursday, Feb 12th – Saturday, Feb 14th

The Elk’s High School Basketball Tournament is set to go underway this Thursday, February 12th through Saturday February 14th. The Valdez Buccaneers will be hosting 7 teams from around the state of Alaska. Teams include, Hutchison, Seward, Delta, Houston, Kotzebue, Cordova and Glennallen. The first games of the tournament are set to begin on Thursday, February 12th at 9:00am in the high school gym.

CLICK HERE for the GIRLS tournament bracket
CLICK HERE for the BOYS tournament bracket

Monday, February 9th 2015, Juneau, Alaska  --  The Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (DOT&PF) recently made a determination to keep Valdez in its Northern Region.  DOT&PF divides the state into 3 regions to manage transportation infrastructure on a regional basis.  A plan was recently proposed to remove Valdez and Cordova from the Northern Region and place the city under management of the Southcoast region.  

CLICK HERE for full press release.
Parent & Community Presentation, Thursday, February 12th – 6pm at HHES

Author, attorney and speaker Mr. Frederick Lane will be in Valdez to discuss his book, “Cybertraps for the Young” and answer questions from students and parents about how to recognize and avoid the cybertraps that challenge all of us. Land will conduct two presentations at Gilson Middle School and one for parents and the community Thursday February 12th at 6pm at the Hermon Hutchens Cafeteria. Here is a write up about why parents need to be aware of cyber traps written by Lane:
“We live in a period of unprecedented interpersonal communication. Children now have more ways to interact with each other and adults than ever before: text messages, an infinite number of IM channels, hundreds of social media sites, and thousand of apps. The combination of amazingly powerful devices and near-instantaneous communication has the potential to revolutionize education, but at the same time, carries profound risks for our children, who often have access to devices with capabilities that exceed their judgment. As we adjust to this brave new world, we need to educate students and parents about the hidden and not-so-hidden dangers of 24/7 digital access.

CLICK HERE for a link to the paperback book

11:30 AM
The National Weather Service reports that continuous high winds with gusts of 80 mph are expected through 9:00 PM.
Meals Avenue in the vicinity of South Central Hardware is currently closed to traffic due to hazardous flying debris. Due to the potential for dangerous flying debris throughout the community, residents are encouraged to limit driving to only that necessary and refrain from walking on all city streets until wind speeds diminish. Please keep children and pets indoors.
 Please immediately report any dangerous situations such as traffic obstructions or other safety hazards to the Valdez Police Department at 835-4560.
Posted February 6, 2015
Sheri Pierce, PIO, City of Valdez

Eielson could not get in for the VHS Basketball games today (Friday) but might try to make it Saturday. GMS Volleyball has been cancelled for the weekend


The Father Daughter Sweetheart dance that was scheduled for tonight has officially been moved to tomorrow, Saturday February 7th, due to safety issues stemming from the high winds in town. The event will still take place at 6:00 pm tomorrow night at the Valdez Civic Center, and the dance will begin at seven. Once again, the Father Daughter Sweetheart dance has been moved to tomorrow, Saturday February 7th, doors open at 6:00 pm, and the event will begin at 7.


The National Weather Service reports that continuous high winds with gusts of 80 mph are expected through 9:00 PM.

Meals Avenue in the vicinity of South Central Hardware is currently closed to traffic due to hazardous flying debris. Due to the potential for dangerous flying debris throughout the community, residents a...
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Late Start to School Due to Wind

VALDEZ  - Superintendent Nygaard let KVAK know early this morning that Valdez City Schools will start late today due to high winds. Buses will run 2 hours later than normal in order to get kids to school by 10am. 10am School start time applies to all students and all schools. School will not open until 10am Friday. Nygaard said he would be providing an update on the situation once the sun comes up.

Monday, February 2nd 2015
at City Council Chambers

Regular Meeting –7:00pm

Items include:
  • Approve Contract Award to Harris Sand and Gravel for Meyring Park (north) Upgrades in the Amount of $585,000
  • Approve Contract Award to Wolverine Supply for VHS Gym Acoustics in the Amount of $97,000
  • Approval of New Permanent Fund Portfolio Manager, Standish Mellon Asset Management Company LLC, to Manage the Fund's Global Fixed Income Asset Class, Pending Approval of Revised Permanent Fund Investment Policy Statement.
CLICK HERE for full agenda
All meetings of City Council and School Board are held in City Council Chambers, broadcast on 1230AM KVAK and streamed LIVE on

Valdez local and VHS Class of 2014 graduate Colleen Murphy was recently featured in a sports article for Pacific University and their last swim meet against the Linfield College Wildcats. – “The 50-yard freestyle saw Katie Porter (Sr., McMinnville, Ore.) finish with a time of 25.11 to win her heat, while Colleen Murphy (Fr., Valdez, Alaska) finished third at 27.12.”
CLICK HERE to view the full article

35 THINGS TO DO IN ALASKA recently posted an article about activities that Alaskan locals know all too well.
CLICK HERE to view the article
BBB, IRS and FTC Issue Advice during Tax Identity Awareness Week
Anchorage, Alaska — January 26, 2015 — As Alaskans prepare for another tax season, Better Business Bureau serving Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington, along with several federal agencies—is reminding them to beware of scams and identity theft. According to the Internal Revenue Service and BBB investigators, an aggressive and sophisticated phone scam continues to run rampant. Callers claim to be employees of the IRS, using fake names and bogus identification badge numbers. Victims are told they owe money and must pay through a pre-loaded debit card or wire transfer. If the victim refuses, the scammers threaten with arrest, deportation or suspension of a driver’s license.
CLICK HERE for full press release

BBB, IRS and FTC Issue Advice during Tax Identity Awareness Week
Anchorage, Alaska — January 26, 2015 — As Alaskans prepare for another tax season, Better Business Bureau serving Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington, along with several federal agencies—is reminding them to beware of scams and identity theft.
According to the Internal Revenue Service and BBB investigators, an aggressive and sophisticated phone scam continues to run rampant. Callers claim to be employees of the IRS, using fake names and bogus identification badge numbers. Victims are told they owe money and must pay through a pre-loaded debit card or wire transfer. If the victim refuses, the scammers threaten with arrest, deportation or suspension of a driver’s license.
“These criminals try to scare and shock you into providing personal financial information on the spot while you are off guard,” IRS Commissioner John Koskinen said. “Don’t be taken in and don’t engage these people over the phone.”
According to BBB scheme records, the IRS scam remains at the top of the list with 64 reports in 2014.
“The impostors cast a wide net in hopes of catching unsuspecting consumers when they are the most vulnerable,” says Tyler Andrew, CEO of BBB serving Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington. “We’ve even seen instances where the scammers claim to have a refund check for the victim in hopes of tricking them into sharing private information.”
In an effort to promote awareness, the Federal Trade Commission kicked off Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week today. The agency has provided a list of tools to help consumers prevent phishing, preparer fraud and other scams.  The FTC will host a webinar to educate the public.
BBB encourages consumers to be aware of tax season scams and offers this advice on filing safely:
 Identify scam calls: The IRS will never call taxpayers to demand a payment or require them to use a specific payment method for their taxes. The agency will also never threaten to bring in local police to arrest a consumer for not paying.
  • Hire a trusted tax preparer: Consumers should be careful when choosing tax preparers. Unscrupulous preparers file false and fraudulent tax returns to defraud their clients. BBB has a list of BBB Accredited accountants that consumers can trust. 
  • File a complaint: Consumers who have been a victim of tax scams or identity theft should file a report with BBB or the FTC.
Better Business Bureau serving Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington is one of 112 in North America and the largest BBB by geographical service area. BBB is a neutral not-for-profit public reporting agency committed to trust in the marketplace. For more information on ethical business standards and BBB Accreditation, or to access free BBB Business Reviews, Charity Reviews, scam alerts or find local event information, contact BBB or visit

The state of Alaska recently released their annual reports of the Alaska airports and aviation.

The report highlights:
  • Message from Deputy Commissioner Binder Highlighting 2014 Successes and Challenges
  • Alaska Aviation System Plan Accomplishments
  • Major Airport Projects
  • Alaska International Airport System Business Report
 CLICK HERE to view full report

Alaska Dispatch (1-14-15)
FAIRBANKS –  The three oil companies that own the trans-Alaska pipeline are putting a lid on plans to remove the tops of four giant empty storage tanks at the Valdez terminal, citing opposition from Tesoro."Removal of the tank roofs will reduce personnel safety risks associated with winter snow removal activities," the companies said in December, adding they wanted to avoid "tank top deformation." With an average of about 300 inches of snow each year in Valdez, the one-acre topside of each tank has to be periodically cleared by 10-member crews with shovels and scoops.

CLICK HERE to view full article

BP representative Tara Stevens said the BP is accepting nominations for the 20th annual BP Teachers of Excellence program, which recognizes Alaska teachers’ exceptional work. The program will honor K-12 teachers from public or private schools who have made important contributions to education and their communities over the past year.
Anyone can nominate a BP Teacher of Excellence by visiting The deadline for nominations is Jan. 30, 2015. Since the program’s inception in 1995, BP has recognized more than 620 Alaska teachers. Last year, BP recognized 30 Teachers of Excellence from more than 1,400 nominations received from across the state. Valdez has had 12 BP Teachers of Excellence recognized over the years. Roz Strang, Barb Lyons, Patsy Collins, Laura Lappies, Susan Eide, John Strang, Sheri Beck, Candace Walker, Jan Michaud-Whalen, Kim Mackey, Peter Austad, Adam Sharrai and Kyle Moeller.

CLICK HERE to view full article

The Drug Policy meeting held at the Valdez High School library last Thursday night drew a handful of parents and interested community members and featured panelists: High School Principal Rod Schug; Police Officer Erin Baczuk; Athletic Director Lea Cockerham; HHES Counselor Gianna Guisti; GMS Counselor Kyra Myer and GMS Principal Rod Morrison. The panelists made presentations on what they were doing at their respective schools. Members of the panel criticized the current drug and alcohol policy, explaining some of the concerns and saying it needed to be written. The Drug and Alcohol Policy committee has not yet been put together. It is being headed up by Rod Morrison. There is no expected completion date for a revised policy.



On the evening of Wednesday, January 21st at 11:46pm Jordan Quade and Cody Freitag welcomed Owen Anthony Freitag into this world. He was 7lbs. 8.4oz and measured 20.5 inches long. His grandparents are Carmen and Charles Quade and Terri and Joe Freitag.


Hermon Hutchens Elementary School was recently ranked as the 4th best public elementary school in the State of Alaska. Gilson Middle School was ranked as the 2nd best best middle school and Valdez High School was ranked 11th among Alaskan High Schools.

CLICK HERE to see Elementary School Rankings for the State of Alaska.
CLICK HERE to see Middle School Rankings for the State of Alaska
CLICK HERE to see High School Rankings for the State of Alaska

1-16-15 DENVER (CBS4) -
 Law enforcement officials from Alaska caught a firsthand look at retail marijuana operations in Colorado as their state prepares for its own legalized recreational use. The tour was part of a larger summit held by Denver law enforcement this week. Law enforcement nationwide traveled to Colorado to learn more about how the state has handled legalization. Alaska voters approved pot in November’s election. They’re the fourth state to legalize the drug.

 CLICK HERE to view full article


 BP representative Tara Stevens said the BP is accepting nominations for the 20th annual BP Teachers of Excellence program, which recognizes Alaska teachers’ exceptional work. The program will honor K-12 teachers from public or private schools who have made important contributions to education and their communities over the past year.
 Anyone can nominate a BP Teacher of Excellence by visiting The deadline for nominations is Jan. 30, 2015. Since the program’s inception in 1995, BP has recognized more than 620 Alaska teachers. Last year, BP recognized 30 Teachers of Excellence from more than 1,400 nominations received from across the state. Valdez has had 12 BP Teachers of Excellence recognized over the years. Roz Strang, Barb Lyons, Patsy Collins, Laura Lappies, Susan Eide, John Strang, Sheri Beck, Candace Walker, Jan Michaud-Whalen, Kim Mackey, Peter Austad, Adam Sharrai and Kyle Moeller. Stevens said that BP is hoping to invite all past winners to a celebration to celebrate the 20 years of this program. Stevens is hoping past Valdez recipients will visit to find out more about the 20 year celebration. 
 For 2015, each BP Teacher of Excellence will receive a $500 gift card and a $500 matching grant to their school. BP also will select one Teacher of the Year who will receive a $1,500 scholarship for continuing education. 

CLICK HERE to view the table of Nominations

According to this week's Valdez Police Report, officers provided transportation to an individual who appeared to be trying to swim home on the icy roadway, after falling multiple times. KVAK's e-news has a link to the Valdez Police and Fire Report each week. CLICK HERE to see the Valdez Police & Fire Page on the www.kvakradio.comwebsite.
Alaska Dispatch (1-6-15):
Gov. Bill Walker took a major step toward revising the way the state is dealing with a proposed gas pipeline by removing three members of the Alaska Gasline Development Corp. board and instructing two commissioners not to sign a secrecy pledge proposed by the Parnell administration. “I am committed to a transparent government in which Alaskans are part of the conversation about our resources," Walker said in a statement released late Tuesday. “I cannot allow my cabinet members to sign confidentiality agreements meant to keep information away from the public.”

CLICK HERE to view full article


KVAK's version of a Winter Carnival is coming this February 20th through March 1st. This 10-day festival will feature events and fundraisers designed to raise some money and have some fun. If you have an event in mind for the Festival, call 835-5825 and KVAK can send you a Festival Sign Up form via e-mail. Those interested in sponsoring and helping KVAK bring this event to our community, can request sponsors information by calling 835-5825 or e-mailing
Green Field Reporter (1-08-2015):
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — The government has taken over cleanup of 4,400 gallons of diesel fuel that spilled into a remote Alaska creek because the responsible company said it lacked enough insurance to finish the job. Much of the low-sulfur diesel remains frozen in a roadside creek bed weeks after a tanker slid off the Richardson Highway on Dec. 9 near Valdez as it was transporting the fuel to the North Slope for drilling operations. Environmental regulators said North Pole-based Alaska Petroleum Distributing Inc., the tanker operator, told responders on Dec. 22 that it used most of its $1 million insurance coverage and was financially incapable of completing the cleanup.

CLICK HERE to view full article
The Valdez High School Ski Team will be hosting the annual Valdez Invite on January 9 & 10, 2015.  Approximately  250 high school skiers representing ten  school s from Fairbanks, the Kenai,  and the Matsu Valley will join the Valdez Bucs for this great event.  Consequently, both the Mineral Creek Road and the entire upper canyon area will be closed to motorized traffic, hiking, and sledding all day Friday the 9th thru Saturday the 10th until 5:00 PM. This closure is absolutely necessary for the preparation of the course and for the safety of the skiers. The start /finish area for both days is at the U.S. Coast Guard housing facility off of Hanagita. Friday’s relay races begin at 3:00 and the individual event races on Saturday begin at 11:00 AM.


On January 3rd at 5:59pm, Parents Nate and Jennifer Smith welcomed Nash Burza Smith into this world. He weighed 7lbs. 0.1oz. and was 18 ¾ inches long.



Alaska Dispatch (1-1-15):
Valdez, at the northeastern corner of Prince William Sound, isn't known as a destination for cross-country skiing. But the city's parks and recreation director, Darryl Verfaillie, has 10,000 reasons that could change. Verfaillie is organizing a 35-kilometer, city-sponsored ski race in Valdez this month with $10,000 in prize money, making it one of the most lucrative cross-country competitions in the United States. The male and female winners will each be awarded $3,000.

CLICK HERE to read full article

Monday, January 5th 2015
at City Council Chambers

Work Session – 6pm - Potential for Teleconferencing Council Meetings
Regular Meeting –7pm
Items include: Approval of contract services for various construction projects, discussion of 2015 Federal Legislative Priorities, Alaska Gasline Port Authority Financial Statements and City Travel Reports

CLICK HERE for full agenda

All meetings of City Council and School Board are held in City Council Chambers, broadcast on 1230AM KVAK and streamed LIVE on



On December 27th, Alexandra Lainey Nauta came into this world at 7lbs. 9oz. and was 20 inches long. Her parents are Clint and Erin Nauta. Siblings are Emmitt and Landon Nauta.
Valdez locals have recently joined the Slednecks team and will be partaking in a Slednecks feature film.

CLICK HERE to read more
Saturday, January 3rd 2014
6pm at the Civic Center
Valdez has the honor to be chosen to host the Alaska Governor's Inaugural Gala, this Saturday at the Civic Center. Governor Walker will be hosting a series of balls through March, with the next event being held in Juneau on January 10th. Tickets for the Valdez gala are sold out, but Governor Walker will be hosting a Meet and Greet event earlier that day at Gilson Middle School, which is open to the public. The middle school event will be from 1pm to 3pm.
Saturday, January 3rd 2015
1 – 3pm at the Gilson Middle School

The public of Valdez is invited to a “meet & greet” event with Governor Bill Walker and Lt. Governor Byron Mallott. This event will be held Friday, January 3rd from 1 to 3pm at the Gilson Middle School. There will be refreshments, a tour of the schools, and a showing of the video, “ Rebuilding the George H. Gilson Middle School and the Community of Valdez.”

CLICK HERE for more information



Valdez, AK –
At approximately 1:47 p.m. today (12-22-14), a Crowley fuel delivery truck overturned, rolling multiple times before coming to rest in the ditch around Milepost 10 of the Richardson Highway. City of Valdez Police and Fire Department personnel responded to the scene of the single vehicle accident, transporting the driver of the truck to Providence Valdez Medical Center for further treatment. First responders from U. S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Valdez, Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, and Crowley Petroleum Distribution also responded to the scene.

CLICK HERE to read full press release

(JUNEAU, Alaska)
The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (ADOT&PF) announced today that fares on the Alaska Marine Highway System (AMHS) will increase 4.5 percent for travel beginning May 1, 2015. The new fare structure will go into effect January 1, 2015. The rate increase will not affect reservations made prior to the effective date. Some fares will not be affected by the new tariff structure. Fares that are disproportionately higher than the majority of AMHS fares will remain unchanged.

CLICK HERE for more information



On December 12th at 1:44am, Karter Liam Tackett came into this world at 5lbs. 13oz. and 19 inches long. His parents are Katie Albright and Joseph Tackett.

On December 18th at 2:12pm, parents Megan Merchant and Coty Turner gave birth to Bentley Joseph Allen Turner. He weighed 7lbs. 0.7oz. and was 20.5 inches long.
 JUNEAU, Alaska—Alaska’s minimum wage will increase to $8.75 an hour on Feb. 24, which is $1 more than the current $7.75. An estimated 16,000 Alaska jobs currently pay $8.75 or less. While the voter-approved Ballot Measure 3 called for a Jan. 1 increase, in accordance with the Alaska Constitution the effective date is 90 days after the Nov. 26 certification of election results by the
 Division of Elections – Feb. 24.
CLICK HERE for the full press release

Fairbanks Newsminer -
Updated 11:30 p.m. -  A fire that broke out in the basement of Prospector Outfitters early this morning forced the outdoor retailer at 1512 South Cushman St. to close. The fire started in the building's basement in the boiler room shortly after 1 a.m., according to Fairbanks Fire Department Assistant Chief Ernie Misewicz. The smoke set off the sprinkler system, which doused the fire before crews arrived on scene.  CLICK HERE to view full article about fire and subsequent break in and arrest of thieves who tried to loot the store.
Valdez - Owner of Prospector Valdez and Fairbanks is in Fairbanks assessing the damage and said he appreciates all the offers of assistance from people in Valdez and Fairbanks. "The fire crews did an amazing job of putting out the fire and trying to save some of the merchandise from smoke and water damage. We are thankful no one was in the building when it caught fire", said Prax.



Have you heard the great news about the Bananabots, Super Brotatoes and Red Hot Robot Masters?  These names belong to three LEGO robotics teams in Valdez, and all three teams performed extremely well at a recent “virtual” qualifying event last Saturday, December 6th at George Gilson Middle School (GGMS).   It was a “virtual” event for the Bananabots from GGMS and the Super Brotatoes and Red Hot Robot Masters from Hermon Hutchens Elementary (HHES) because they competed via video conferencing along with four LEGO teams in North Slope communities.   At this event, all three Valdez teams earned top honors in 3 categories: robot performance, robot design and core values/teamwork.   This is the fourth year for LEGO robotics in Valdez, yet it is the first year that 30 students have been able to participate instead of being limited to 10 team members.  All of the team members and coaches would like to thank the community sponsors who have allowed us to reach our current level of success and student involvement:  United Way of Valdez, Copper Valley Electric Association, Alyeska Pipeline Service Company, Petro Star, and most importantly, the Valdez City School District.  Here are some highlights from each team.
The Bananabots, an eleven person team coached by Officer Baczuk, has practiced for a number of weeks now and has overcome a variety of obstacles to include a new location and newly formed team. Team members really stepped up the quality of their practices in the weeks leading up to the tournament. They displayed a high level of cooperation, commitment, and innovation which ultimately led to them winning the robot performance competition as well as coming in first place for the overall qualifying event.  The team would like to thank Mr. Morrison and Mrs. Franciosi for all of their support and efforts, as well as Mr. Langseth and the wood shop students for sharing their space with us. A big thanks to the Valdez City Schools district office and custodial staff as well!
The Super Brotatoes and Red Hot Robot Masters, coached by Erica Shirk and Cynthia Shidner, earned top awards thanks to the teamwork skills and the creative minds of both teams. Super Brotatoes won the “core values” award for their teamwork and cooperation.  The Red Hot Robot Masters wowed the judges with their creative attachments in the area of robot design.   Both teams would like to thank Mrs. Reese and Mr. Nygaard for their “above and beyond” support of our LEGO robotics program as well as a huge thank you to Jason Caudle for ensuring that our technology was top notch during the virtual event.
All three teams are working hard to prepare for the statewide “First LEGO League” competition in Fairbanks, which will take place on February 7th, 2015.  At this event, the Valdez teams will compete against 35 LEGO robotics teams in four categories:  robot design, robot performance, team “core values” and a real-life project related to this year’s theme about improving education.     We are very proud of how our LEGO robotics team members have represented our community of Valdez for the fourth year in a row. Thank you again to all of the community sponsors of our teams!

CLICK HERE to view Lego Robotic teams
Public notice from the City of Valdez - The FY 2015 Senior Citizen and Disabled Veteran Tax Exemption Applications and Community Purpose Exemption Applications are now available at City Hall. Qualified applicants may obtain an application from City Hall or on the City’s website. 
Applications must be filed with the City Clerk’s office no later than
January 15, 2015

 CLICK HERE for more information.
CLICK HERE for the tax exemption application

 For further information, please contact the City Clerk's office at 834-3468 or
Mrs. Haase-Bushong challenged her students to lead Gilson Middle School in the Great Halloween Giveback Challenge. As a result the students donated over 500 plus items for the Valdez Food Bank and Animal Shelter this year. Haase-Bushong's 6th grade class was the overall winner of the class competition
Noah Stanley Stark came into this world on the evening of December 1st at 10:22pm. Noah is now the brother of William “Liam” Stark. His parents are William and Erin Stark.

Alaska Dispatch
- The U.S. Coast Guard towed a fishing vessel with three people aboard to shore Thursday after it lost steering power and grounded in Prince William Sound.
Shortly after midnight, the Coast Guard in Anchorage received a radio report from the fishing vessel Eleon, but little information was relayed before the signal cut out, said Petty Officer 2nd Class Grant DeVuyst. 

CLICK HERE to view more

Alaska Dispatch
 – Valdez resident Dawson Moore will have his play “Six Dead Bodies”  in the Anchorage International Film Festival. “Six Dead Bodies,” written by Dawson Moore and Lindsay Walker, caught the fancy of more than just a local newspaper critic. It was reprised at the Last Frontier Theatre Conference in Valdez and included in “The Best American Short Plays 2010-2011.” Now it’s coming to a movie theater near you. A film of the play is on the schedule of the Anchorage International Film Festival, which opens today (Dec. 5th). Bennett re-creates the role of the truck driver, Winston, and is the director and producer as well. But he’s hoping to do more.

 CLICK HERE to read full article

The Valdez High School Wrestling team recently participated in their regional tournament. A few select wrestlers from Valdez were mentioned in an article by the Daily News Miner.

CLICK HERE to view the article.

Starting this Thursday with our Wrestling Regionals Preview show, KVAK Radio will be bringing you a new program called “Sports Shorts.” Airing multiple 1 minute spots on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, Sports Shorts will bring you previews and recaps of local games, intervies with coaches and athletes, schedules of upcoming events, and much more. Stay tuned starting this Thursday for Sports Shorts. If you have been a previous sponsor of our local sports coverage and would like to continue, or if you are interested in becoming a sponsor, contact us here at KVAK Radio, and Sports Shorts can be brought to our community, by you.

The City of Valdez held public hearings to discuss the 2015 City of Valdez budget. During budget hearings, the City Council largely voted to support all the budget requests in the proposal. In a couple cases, they did not fund community service organizations the amount they requested for 2015, however all received at least as much, if not more, funding than they did in 2014. Operational expenses were up, but City Manager John Hozey said the City expects to bring in less property tax revenue in 2015. The City Council will finalize the budget at their December 9th meeting.
At the end of the process, here are some basic budget numbers:
* City Operational Expenditures are up 4.54%
* Contribution to the Hospital is up 0.24%
* Contribution to Major Equipment fund is up 1.18%
* School District request is up 0.45%
* Community Service Organization requests are up 5.56%
* Major Maintenance & Capital Projects (forward funded in 2014) up by 69.1%

The City established a new Economic Diversification Commission in 2014 and set aside a full year's budget for the program totaling $474,365. At this point the lions share of the budget will be used to hire a contractor to determine: whether a year round mountain recreation site is feasible in Valdez; Socio-Economic Baseline Indicator Data Collection and Local Visitors Statistics Data Collection. The VCVB also received additional funds for 2015 earmarked for visitor data collection. CLICK HERE to read the Economic Diversification Interim Measures Project Charter.
Aveda Invigorating Relief Hand Lotion Gift Set from Salon Eclipse - Amber Mehlberg
$30 Gift Certificate to Radio Shack - Bonita Kompkoff
$50 Gift Certificate to Copper Valley Telecom - Todd Stubblefield
$30 Gift Certificate to Mike's Palace - Daryl Driver
$50 Gift Certificate to The Weathered Anchor - Celeste Ditman
$30 Gift Certificate to Harbor Landing - Magda Torres
$50 Gift Card to Prospector - Kristin Debbin
$30 worth of coupons for Subway - Victoria Korenev
$30 Gift Certificate to South Central Hardware - Rachel Harden
$30 Gift Certificate to Northwind Floral & Gifts - Charles Selanoff
$30 Gift Certificate to A Rogue's Garden - Jennie Sodergren
 Gift Certificate for the Vibration Plates at Arctic Chiropractic - To be announced


Photo courtesy of the Alaska Sea Life Center

Alaska Sea Life Center – Female giant Pacific octopus “Dot” has laid thousands of eggs in the Denizens of the Deep exhibit at the Alaska SeaLife Center.  Fertility of eggs cannot be determined at this time. If the eggs are fertile, dark eyes on the embryo within each egg capsule will be noticeable to both aquarists and visitors this coming spring.  Hatching would then take place during summer 2015.


Click the picture above for more information
The Board of Directors of Copper Valley Telephone Cooperative (CVTC) recently approved the 2014 general retirement of patronage capital credits concerning the remaining 70% of 1991, 35% of 1992 and 10% of the allocations for members purchasing CVTC services in 2013. A cooperative is obligated to pay the credits (all such amounts in excess of operating costs and expenses) to a capital account for each member.  On a regular basis, the board reviews the financial stability of CVTC, ultimately determining if they are financially able to pay out the capital credits to our members. 

CLICK HERE to read full press release.

Medford/Somerville, MA
Youth vote experts from the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning & Engagement (CIRCLE) – the preeminent, non-partisan research center on youth engagement based at Tufts University’s Jonathan M. Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service – today released in-depth analysis on youth voters in Alaska during Tuesday’s highly competitive U.S. Senate election in the state.

CLICK HERE to view full article


Valdez Police Department Press Release:
MVA- Damages:  Officers responded to a report of a vehicle off the highway and upside down on the tide flats.

CLICK HERE to read full press release

At 8:26pm the Fire Department was toned out for a working trailer house fire. The trailer in Space 99  is owned by Brian Cox and Jennifer Sargent. The owner did have small burns on his hand and was coated with ash. His significant other was in the smoke but did not have as much on her. They both refused any further treatment. They did say the smoke detector woke them both up. The house was destroyed all contents destroyed by the fire. On arrival the home was fully involved. The owners were out of the home.

The house #100 did receive heat. Three sets of windows were destroyed from the heat and water. No one else got hurt. The fire department had five apparatus on scene. Fifteen fire personnel. Estimated damage $10,000 items inside the trailer house and $14,000 value of the home. The fire was started by smoking in bed. Red Cross was notified and did arrive on scene to help the home owners.


Preliminary Election Results

Unofficial Results

CLICK HERE for Statewide Election Results
Unofficial Results
for Valdez Precincts - How Valdez VOTED (BELOW)

  Valdez #1 Valdez #2 Valdez #3
Registered Voters 1,107 879 1,110
Cards Cast 477 307 440
% Turnout 43.09% 34.93% 39.64%
United States Senator      
Mark Begich (DEM) 184 107 178
Dan Sullivan (REP) 251 159 209
Mark Fish (LIB) 13 14 26
Ted Gianoustos (NA) 15 10 20
Write-In Votes 2 6 0
Forrest Dunbar (DEM) 182 99 154
Jim McDermott (LIB) 33 26 45
Don Young (REP) 244 171 228
Write-In Votes 0 0 2
Lee Cliff (LIB) 3 4 10
Rensel Myers (CON) 3 6 10
Parnell/Sullivan (REP) 87 58 69
Walker/Mallott (NA) 380 233 348
Write-In Votes 0 1 0
Michael Dunleavy (REP) 258 168 256
Warren Keogh (NA) 188 112 152
Write-In Votes 0 0 1
Jim Colver (REP) 254 170 221
Pamela Goode (CON) 111 71 124
Mabel Wimmer (DEM) 78 43 69
Write-In Votes 0 1 0
BALLOT MEASURE 2 - Marijuana      
YES 260 178 288
NO 207 116 143
YES 335 216 325
NO 133 80 109
YES 307 198 291
NO 142 93 121
Delete Table

Picture above: Fire Department: 10-30-14 Valdez Fire Department responded to a car fire at milepost 17 on the Richardson Highway. The vehicle was extinguished, with a total loss to the vehicle.
Photo courtesy of Charlie Hughey

30 THINGS ALASKANS HAVE TO EXPLAIN – recently did an article explaining “30 things Alaskans have to explain to Out – of – Towners.”
CLICK HERE to view the page.

Pictured above: Resident of Valdez during Saturday’s Valdez Flu Shot Clinic.
Photo Courtesy of Shannon Major



AVV held a vigil to remember victims of Domestic Violence as more than merely a symbolic action, but to invite people to get involved directly with the campaign against domestic violence. AVV urges people to help keep our communities focused on a very real problem, and on the need to prevent it throughout the year.


Marian Margaret Wamsley
Miranda Jane HaltnessCassandra Black
Christy Franklin
Beth Duffy
Reta Ann Derifield
Debs Campbell
Shana Anderson
Dorothy Moore
Pamela B. Verfaillie

Larry Weaver – 473
Rich Long – 242

CLICK HERE to view all municipal election results
Valdez City Council2015 Budget Hearings – Work Session Schedule
City Council Chambers
6:00 pm – 9:30 pm
(Public Hearings will be followed by Work Sessions on topics as indicated)
October 22, 2014
  • Budget Overview – Assumptions & Challenges
  • Fund Review (all Funds)
  • Revenues 
  • Economic Diversification
  • Community Development
October 23, 2014
  • Public Safety Support, Animal Control, Police
  • Fire, Emergency Prep
  • IT
  • Port, Harbor, Airport
October 29, 2014
  • Employee Benefits Committee Recommendations
  • Public Works (Streets/Shop, Solid Waste)
  • Major Equipment 
  • Utilities (Water, Sewer)    

October 30, 2014

Economic Initiatives
Library, Parks & Rec, Civic Center, Parks Maint.
Administration, Finance, Council, Clerk, Law
Insurance, Permanent Fund, Debt Service Fund
Reserve Fund (Programs)

November 5, 2014

  • Community Service Organizations
  • Valdez City Schools
  • Capital Facilities (Bldg Maint., Engineering, Clinic)
  • Capital Facilities Fund (Community Investment Projects – CIP’s)
  • Major Maintenance     

November 6, 2014 - Any items postponed from previous meetings
 (last revised 10/3/14)

Preliminary Election Results

Preliminary Election Results - Valdez
October 7, 2014

The polls closed at 8pm Tuesday evening and it looks like Larry Weaver will be Mayor and Proposition #1 passed. Proposition #1 allows the City of Valdez to issue general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed 20 million dollars for expansion of the harbor. The election results will be finalized on Wednesday and final vote counts will change with 80 absentee and 26 question votes to be considered. There were 3 seats for both City Council and those will be filled by the 3 candidates who ran: Nate Smith, Chris Moulton and Jim Shirrell. Likewise there were 3 seats open for School Board and the 3 candidates who ran will all be seated: Darryl Verfaillie, Bill Connell and Bill Comer.
  Precinct #1 Precinct #2 Precinct #3 Total
Ballots Cast 268 164 213 645
Larry Weaver 178 88 143 409
Rich Long 82 68 60 210
Write Ins 6 7 7 20
  Precinct #1 Precinct #2 Precinct #3 Total
City Council        
Nate Smith 201 118 156 475
Chris Moulton 191 113 136 440
Jim Shirrell 172 110 141 423
Write Ins 32 26 30 88
  Precinct #1 Precinct #2 Precinct #3 Total
School Board        
Bill Comer 186 114 134 434
Bill Connell 178 110 138 426
Darryl Verfaillie 132 77 96 305
Write Ins 60 35 41 136
  Precinct #1 Precinct #2 Precinct #3 Total
Proposition #1        
YES 162 97 128 387
NO 96 65 77 238
10 SAFEST PLACES IN ALASKA – recently published an article on what they believe to be the “10 safest places in Alaska.” Want to know where Valdez ranked on that list?
CLICK HERE to view the full article.

On the evening of September 30th the Valdez police department responded to an incident on West Klutina Street.

CLICK HERE to view the official press release


A bike was stolen in the Valdez area, if found please contact Jena at 907- 831-0479.

A sample ballot was just released for the upcoming elections
CLICK HERE to view the sample ballot

With the City elections just around the corner see how the candidates answered our question survey.
Mayor – Richard Long and Larry Weaver
City Council – Nate Smith, Christopher Moulton, and Marshall “Jim” Shirrell
School Board – Darryl Verfaillie, William Comer, and Bill Connell
CLICK HERE to view the candidate surveys


The Alaska SeaLife Center is excited to announce the release of a female Pacific harbor seal pup this Friday at 3:30pm at the Public Access Boat Lunch at Lowell Point Beach in Seward. “Gobi” the newborn seal pup was rescued on July 3 after being abandoned by its mother. The Alaska SeaLife Center operates a 24-hour hotline (1-888-774-SEAL) for the public to report stranded marine mammals or birds and is the only permanent marine rehabilitation center in Alaska.

CLICK HERE to read the press release on Gobi


Valdez Fire, Police and the USCG responded to the report of a vessel explosion in the Small Boat Harbor last Wednesday evening. The 30-foot commercial fishing vessel had one adult onboard when it exploded at approximately 7:55pm. The cause of the incident remains under investigation and the individual on board was transported to Providence Hospital.

CLICK HERE to read the press release.

High water, caused by flooding from the recent rainfall, eroded approximately 60 feet of the river bank surrounding Structure 38-7 causing it to collapse. The brief power outage which occurred late last Sunday night affected all CVEA members.

CLICK HERE to view full press release

CLICK HERE for more addional information and nomination forms
The City of Valdez has an agenda item on tonight’s council meeting that will approve a schematic design for a new small boat harbor in Valdez. Initially the project was expected to cost roughly 50 million dollars and be funded with 20 million federal dollars, 15 million from the State and the City of Valdez chipping in 15 million. At this time, Hozey said he anticipates the project costing upwards of 60 million dollars. The State has contributed between 7.5 million and 8 million according to Hozey, the Federal Government has agreed to contribute about 21 million dollars, and the City has 15 million available for the project. Hozey said he expects to ask the public to bond for an additional 20 million to support the project. The new harbor is expected to add an additional 140 slips. At a cost of 60 million dollars, each slip will cost roughly $428,571 to build. Hozey pointed out that the project will also provide accessible uplands for the public.


The adorable pup was found stranded as a newborn in Port Moller, Alaska after being entangled in a fishing net, but is now made a full recovery at the SeaLife Center. Due to the maternal care required by young others, pups this age are deemed non-releasable by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. However, visitors to the Center can watch the activities of the otter and its caregivers through viewing windows. CLICK HERE to read the entire press release.
Delta News: Anchorage, Alaska — September 9, 2014 — Schools nationwide are reporting an increase in a supply scam centered on the company Scholastic School Supply. Consumers allege the imposter business is sending out fake invoices to schools and districts in the amount of $647.50 for a bulk purchase of text books that was never purchased or received.  The only contact information on the invoices is an email address that consumers say does not respond to messages and a phone number that routes to a series of voicemail boxes.
CLICK HERE to view full article

On September 2, 2014 the Council held a work session with Administration to discuss the status of moving forward with one aspect of Economic Diversification Interim Measures – seating the Economic Diversification Commission. The Council agreed to move forward with seating the Commission and to start their scope of work. City Administration is presenting ten candidates for consideration by the Council at the meeting tonight:
CANDIDATE - Category Affiliation
Dave Dengel - Utilities
Amanda Bauer - Summer Tours & Attractions
Scott Hicks - Oil & Gas
Laurine Regan - Indirectly: Accommodations/Attractions
Jim Shirrell - At Large
Ryan McCune - Winter Tours & Attractions
Mike Meadors - Oil & Gas (or Professional Services)
Colleen Stephens - Transportation (or Summer Tours & Attractions)
Keith Thomas - Contracting & Trades
Karen Ables - Food & Beverage
Even if your child participated in KVAK’s Kids Club program last year, parents will need to sign the registration form for the 2014-2015 school year.
Members will receive:
* Birthday announced on the radio (93.3FM & 1230AM)
* Birthday card in the mail on their special day
* Welcome Packet with prizes and information about the program
 * 4th & 5th Graders can participate in Monthly Community Service Recording Sessions
CLICK HERE for Kids Club Registration Form
The City of Valdez has put in a letter of request to Commissioner Kemp of Alaska Department of Transportation requesting the City be allowed to install signage along the highway intended to protect waterfowl near the highway. The letter, written by City Manager John Hozey, was prompted by a citizen petition. The letter explains, “If we could receive authorization from your Department to install the signs, the City of Valdez would take responsibility for them The City is willing to purchase, install and maintain these signs”.

In a summary statement submitted to City Council by Lisa VonBargen, a $5,705 expenditure to buy iPads, food, advertising and name plates for the newly formed commission. Plans for the role of this commission are largely undefined, but funding for a “strategic doing” seminar and contract are being requested.  
Ever wonder how residential and commercial building looks in Valdez? The following report, put together by the City indicates permits issued for both residential and commercial building.
CLICK HERE to read the full report.

11 THINGS ONLY PEOPLE FROM ALASKA WILL UNDERSTAND – recently posted in their blog the top eleven things that people in the lower 48 wouldn’t understand, or at least not like us Alaskans.

CLICK HERE to view the full list.
67 Hikers participated in this year’s H.A.W.K program, hiking over 330 trails in and around the Valdez area this summer. Winners were drawn by 2012’s National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, Jennifer Pharr Davis after her inspiring speech at the Valdez Library last week. The winners are as follows:
3+ Trails – Shannon Mahoney-Irish
5+ Trails – Jenessa Ables
7+ Trails – Kathy Todd
9+ Trails – Ruby Morales

The Overall Drawing Winner was Ron Langseth.

Stay tuned for details on H.A.W.K. 2.0, a winter version of the hiking program is set to launch this this year!


More than 170 people will gather in Valdez on Wednesday for three days of workshops, meetings and presentations designed to address the issues facing electric utilities in Alaska. Those in attendance will hear an update on the Allison Creek Hydroelectric Project, and some insight on what is happening with Eklutna Generation Station. These are both in addition to the host of speakers on hand with ranging areas of expertise.
CLICK HERE for more information on the meeting.

Pictured: TC Greene of Valdez with her prize
VALDEZ, Alaska – There were not many changes on the leader board the last week of the Valdez Silver Salmon Derby or the Halibut Derby in Valdez. In the Silver Salmon Derby, a contender came in late August 28th that was two tenths of a pound shy of knocking Amanda Towne out of 1st place. Towne reeled in a 17.54 pound silver during the Women’s Derby August 9th and Paul Williams of Eagle River brought in a 17.52 pound silver on August 28th. Towne owns the distinction of being the only Women’s Silver Salmon Derby winner to also win the $15,000 cash prize in the silver derby. Williams won 2nd place and $5,000 for the fish he reeled up aboard the Silly Billy II. Greg Ledsworth of Tamarac, Florida took 3rd place in the silver derby with the 17.50 pound silver he caught from shore August 25th. The Big Prize Friday $500 winner was Nathen Ward of Fairbanks who reeled in a 14.08 pound silver August 29th aboard the Mayhem.

In the Valdez Halibut Derby, it was Scott Hebig’s 203.6 pound halibut that hung on for the 1st place $15,000 cash prize. Hebig caught his 203.6 pound halibut June 20th aboard the Amanda Rose. James McQuain of Fairbanks finished 2nd in the halibut derby with a 171.6 pound halibut he caught July 25th aboard the Dawn Treader and Jeff Maurer of Elysburg, Pennsylvania took 3rd place with the 171.4 pound halibut he caught July 17th aboard the Dawn Treader. Hebig’s halibut is the smallest halibut on record to win the Valdez Derbies, with the exception of the years when the Chamber of Commerce held a target weight derby. In 2013, the winner of the $15,000 first place prize weighed in at 325 pounds. In 2014, the 1st place winner had a fish weighing 335.7 pounds; in 2013 the winner tipped the scales at 277.2.
Every derby ticket purchased in the Valdez Derbies gives the buyer a chance to win a Ford F-150 4x4 truck from Valdez Fish Derbies and Seekins Ford. This year’s winner was T.C. Greene of Valdez.The Captain’s Prize of $500 was awarded to Dave Towne of Valdez aboard the Amanda Rose for both the halibut and silver salmon derby. Judy Bartlett sold the winning Halibut Derby ticket at the weigh-in shack and won the $500 ticket seller prize. Janis Johnson and Susie Koklich sold the winning silver derby ticket at the Prospector and will split the $500 ticket seller prize.

Next year’s dates, as well as pictures and information about the 2014 winners, can be found at
Halibut Derby – Overall Leaders
1st        Scott Hebig                 Wasilla, AK                203.6 lbs.         June 20            Amanda Rose
2nd          James McQuain           Fairbanks, AK             171.6 lbs.         July 25             Dawn Treader
3rd        Jeff Maurer                 Elysburg, PA               171.4 lbs.         July 17             Dawn Treader
Halibut Derby – Weekly Winners – Week #15
1st           Robert Meade             Lodi, WI                     117.6 lbs.         August 27       Dan Orion
2nd        Nikolay Oleynikov      Alameda, CA              80.2 lbs.           August 26       Dan Orion
Silver Derby – Overall Leaders
1st        Amanda Towne          Valdez, AK                 17.54 lbs.         Aug 9              Amanda Rose
2nd        Paul Williams              Eagle River, AK         17.52 lbs.         Aug 28                        Silly Billy II
3rd        Greg Ledsworth          Tamarac, FL                17.50 lbs.         Aug 25            Shore

For more information on the Valdez Derbies, visit:



Pictured: David Duke with his trophy size yellow eye rockfish

VALDEZ, Alaska – With less than a week left in the Valdez Halibut and Silver Salmon Derbies, it would seem that there’s a good chance of the leaders being knocked off the board in the Halibut and Silver Salmon Derbies …that is, if history is any indication.

If Scott Hebig’s 203.6 pound halibut takes 1st place in the derby, it will be the smallest halibut on record to win the Valdez Derbies, with the exception of the years when the Chamber of Commerce held a target weight derby. In 2013, the winner of the $15,000 first place prize weighed in at 325 pounds. In 2014, the 1st place winner had a fish weighing 335.7 pounds; in 2013 the winner tipped the scales at 277.2.
In the silver salmon derby, Amanda Towne’s 17.54 pound silver would be a respectable fish to win the Valdez Silver Derby, but a Valdez Women’s Silver Salmon Derby winner has never held on until the end of the derby. In 2013, the silver that took the big cash prize of $15,000 weighed in at 16.92. In 2012, the Silver Derby winner was 17.88. From 2008 through 2011, the 1st place winner weighed in at: 22.14 (2008), 22.14 (2009), 19.10 (2010) and 18.68 (2009).
The overall size of both halibut and silver salmon being brought in seems to be large this year, even though the silver fishing has been a bit slow. And anglers have brought in some sizeable ling cod and rock fish. David Duke reeled in a trophy yellow eye rockfish this past week while aboard a halibut charter
CLICK HERE to read the entire press release.



Results are in from the Alaska State Primary Election held last Tuesday. Nearly 3,000 voters turned out from District 9, and elected Jim Colver as the Republican Representative for House who will be running against Democratic candidate Mabel Wimmer. Wimmer ran unopposed in the Primary Election. Jim Colver beat out both the incumbent Eric Feige and George Rauscher with a total of 1,140 votes or about 39 percent.
The Valdez Municipal elections will be held Tuesday, October 7th for the positions of Mayor, City Council and Valdez City School Board. Three positions will be opening on the City Council with the term expiration of Council Members: Nate Smith, Donna Schantz and Chris Moulton.  Nate Smith and Chris Moulton will both be on the ballet for an additional term along with new comer Jim Shirrell. The three expiring terms for the School Board include the current president and vice president Anita Fannin, Dawn Farmer, joins Dan Walker. Darryl Verfaillie, William Comer and Bill Connell will be on the ballet for October. The two candidates who hope to secure the position as Mayor this fall are Richard Long and Larry Weaver.
CLICK HERE to view the official results from the State of Alaska Primary Election
Valdez students and staff participated in the yearly statewide survey, which measures how the school climate is perceived. The survey seeks to determine how connected the students feel to adults and their peers in a way that directly correlates to how they perform in school.  This includes the students and staff reporting on how many times they’ve witnessed students participating in risky behaviors like drug and alcohol use. Results from students showed a significant increase in student ratings over last year in the areas of: School Safety, Peer Climate, Caring Adults, and Parent and Community Involvement. The areas of noteworthy decline over the previous year were in the categories of: High Expectations, School Leadership and Student Involvement, and Respectful Climate. The staff results showed increased ratings in every category surveyed. However, students and staff results concurred that there was a considerable increase in reports of delinquent behavior at school and during school events. Students added that this included the use of drugs and alcohol, while staff reports disagreed. CLICK HERE to read the entire report.

The deadline for nominating petitions for the offices of Mayor, City Council and School Board is THIS Friday, August 15th at 5:00 p.m.. Petitions may be obtained at City Clerk's Office. The local election will be held October 7, 2014.

As of Friday, August 8, 2014 the status of candidates are as follows:
Alex Woolf - petition out
Jim Shirrell - petition out
Rich Long -petition out

City Council
Nate Smith - filed petition
Chris Moulton - petition out
Jim Shirrell - petition out
John May - petition out
Rich Long - petition out
Anna Lischka - petition out

School Board
No petitions out

To view the official notice of regular and school board election for the city of Valdez.
Bidding through August 21st
Bid packets available: Aug 11 – 21

Copper Valley Electric Association is accepting sealed bids for the sale of various vehicles and equipment. Items may be inspected at the CVEA office in Glennallen 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., August 11-21, 2014. Bid packets will be available at the CVEA offices in Glennallen and Valdez, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., August 11-21, 2014. Bid packets will also be available at Bids will only be accepted if submitted on the official bid form included in the bid packets. Bids will be accepted at either CVEA office until Thursday, August 21, 2014 at 5 p.m. Bids will be opened and awarded on Friday, August 22, 2014. Items will be sold as is, where is, and with no warranty.

CVEA reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

Valdez, Alaska – The Coast Guard responded to a 40-foot fishing vessel capsized in Prince William Sound, Monday, August 4, 2014. At approximately 5:00 p.m. Monday, Coast Guard Sector Anchorage received a report that the seine fishing vessel Auriga capsized while seeking shelter from the weather to the West of Unakwik Inlet with four people on board. The vessel was fishing in the vicinity of Eaglek Bay when a storm approached from the Southeast.

Thirteen pilots from across the country showed off their Valdez STOL (short takeoff and landing) demonstration in a fierce competition at one of the nation’s biggest airshows. The Air Venture 2014 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin debuted the typically unique to Valdez competition to a massive audience topping over 500,000 spectators.

2014 - Top 50 - Women's Silver Salmon Derby

On the afternoon of July 29th, Copper Valley Electric took a selected group of people to the construction site of the Allison Creek Hydroelectric Plant. At the gathering Copper Valley representatives thanked the supporters and discussed the history and progress of the hydro plant construction. Speakers included CVEA Chief Executive Officer Robert Wilkinson, CVEA Board of Directors President Will Stark, and CVEA Executive Engineer John Duhamel. Also in appearance to show support of the construction were the McMillen family of McMillen LLC, a representative of Senator Mark Begich, and AEA Deputy Director Sandra Moller. Concluding the ceremony the group was shuttled to the Solomon Gulch Hydro Facility for an ending reception.
CLICK HERE for information on the Allison Creek Hydro Construction.

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Copper Valley Telecom 4G LTE Wireless Service Expansion in 2014

Copper Valley Telecom’s new 4G LTE wireless data service expansion project is complete and will provide data service with superfast (10-15 mpbs) speeds in the Copper Valley service area and beyond.
The new expansions, added to the 12 initial sites upgraded in 2013, include the following 4G LTE site locations: Tazlina, Tolsona Ridge, Willow Mountain, Nelchina, Chistochina, Glenn-Rich Silver Springs, Slana, Cannon Hill (Chitina) and Sourdough and McCarthy. To take advantage of the new higher speeds, customers will need to have 4G LTE-compatible handsets like the Samsung S5.

CLICK HERE to read press release from Copper Valley Telecom.

Congrats to the Northern Exposure Men's Softball Team for placing third in the Mug Shot Softball Tournament in the Valley this past weekend! Additionally, Travis McCain, Tysen Blake, and Kris Albright were selected as Tournament All Stars and Darren Caudle earned the Tournament Golden Glove award! The Northern Exposure Men's team is comprised of Valdez Softball Association players from the Crowley, Hooligans, and Northern Exposure Co-Ed teams here in Valdez.

Photo by: Jena Devlin
The Valdez City School District is looking for people interested in driving students to activities and sporting events. There will be a free training course August 14th through August 19 in Valdez. In order to participate, students must have a CDL license or permit PRIOR to taking the class. This requires a DOT physical and a general knowledge test as a minimum to get the CDL permit. Those interested in beginning this process, call visit the Alaska Department of Motor Vehicles to begin process. Call the District offices at 834-4701 with questions or to sign up.

CLICK HERE for the complete information sheet

This year marks the 10th Anniversary of the Women's Silver Salmon Derby in Valdez. "Who would have thought that it would have turned into what it has", commented Derby Board Member Joe Prax. "Registration for the first year's event was held at the Prospector the first year and we expected maybe 20 to 30 participants". The first year, the store was crammed with close to 200 women. The 2nd year, registration was extended to a week-long period and an opening and closing event were held at the Civic Center. The event grew at least 100 participants a year until 2012 where attendance leveled out at just over 700 women. Valdez Fish Derbies has a simple mission, "to promote sport fishing in Valdez". Through sponsorships and ticket sales, the organization purchases marketing throughout Alaska and the Lower 48 to talk about Valdez and fishing. Valdez Fish Derbies is run by an all-volunteer board of seven community members, receives no public funding, and the weigh-in personnel as well as many of the event helpers are volunteers.

CLICK HERE for Women's Derby Information.
Alaska Dispatch - What appears to be the largest halibut caught in the Pacific Ocean in at least a decade has been landed in the Alaska Panhandle port of Gustavus, but it will not be a world record. Seventy-seven-year-old Jack McGuire from Anaheim, Calif., lost the opportunity for the sport-fishing record book when his 482-pound halibut was shot and then harpooned before it was pulled aboard the charter boat Icy Rose.

CLICK HERE to read more.
PWSCC Newsletter - PWSCC’s Dawson Moore, Theatre Department Coordinator and Community Relations Officer, has had a couple of recent successes outside of the college. First, his article on Alaska’s leading playwright, Arlitia Jones, was published in The Dramatist, the official magazine of the Dramatists Guild of America. A short film based on his play Six Dead Bodies Duct-Taped to a Merry-Go-Round, was recently shown as part of an evening of short films by Alaskans, Summer Solstice, at the Bear Tooth Theatre in Anchorage. Congratulations, Dawson.

The 22nd Annual Last Frontier Theatre Conference was another rousing success, with over 200 theatre practitioners and enthusiasts visiting Valdez for the week. Some highlights included the presentation of the Jerry Harper Service Award to Mary Helen and Stan Stephens, the latter posthumously, for their long history of supporting the Conference with a donated cruise to Shoup Glacier for all participants. The evening performances included plays from past years of the Play Lab including Jaclyn Villano’s Unanswered, We Ride and Ashley Rose Wellman’s Gravidity. Both pieces were passion projects by people first exposed to the scripts at previous conferences. Cyrano’s Theatre Company presented Alaskan playwriting icon Dick Reichman’s The Audition, and PWSCC presented Eric Coble’s Bright Ideas, with the author attending as a featured artist for the first time. The Ten-Minute Play Slam again had a new captain, this time Anchorage’s Carrie Yanagawa, and the Monologue Workshop had its best year to date. Dates for the 23rd Annual Conference are tentatively set for June 14-20, 2015.

December 4th, 1916 – June 25th, 2014

Katie Harriet Dewing was born on December 4, 1916 and died June 25th, 2014 in Valdez, Alaska. She was the second of 8 children and the last to pass away. She moved to Seattle in 1938 with 25 of her friends via the Northern Pacific railway. In 1941 she married George Richard Dewing in Seattle, WA. In 1954 they joined George in Valdez, Alaska. Katie willingly volunteered her time and leadership to the Valdez PTA, the Valdez Senior Citizens, the Valdez Museum, the Epiphany Lutheran Church, the Valdez Public Library, and Harborview. She is survived by daughter Gloria (Tom) McAlister of Valdez, and son John (Judy) Dewing of Bellingham, WA. She is also survived by three grandchildren, David (SunMi) McAlister, Karin (Brian) Eckman of Palmer, Richard (Sheila Jordan) McAlister of Valdez, 8 great grandchildren, and 3 great-great-grandsons.

Asphalt Specialists are In Town Now
* Sealcoating *
* Crack Filling *
* Patching *
Call Patrick Jennings

Peter Daley – Master Roofer
* Cedar Shakes *
* Repairing & Treating *
* Flat Roof Specialist *
North Pacific Fuel is moving their office. They’re not moving far – from 201 Hazelet to 339 Hazelet. You’ll find the North Pacific Fuel Office in the green office building at the corner of Hazelet and Egan. They’re Just beside Valdez Office Supply, and beside Wells Fargo Bank. Now, that you know where they are, stop by to pay a bill, call in an order or just check out the new location. It’s time for a change. North Pacific Fuel has moved to 339 Hazelet Street. Look for their new sign and stop by between 8am and 5pm Monday through Friday.


This July 4th marked the second annual mascot race during the Fourth of July Parade. This year had a total of ten different mascots, including last year’s winner, KVAK the Duck. After a dominant performance last year, KVAK looked to retain his title as fastest mascot for a second year in a row. This year posed tougher competition, and the biggest threat being 4G LTE Man. After having a slow start, KVAK pulled out a narrow victory over LTE Man. When asked about the slow start KVAK the Duck replied; “I just wanted to win in dramatic fashion.” With that win KVAK is still the reigning champion of all mascots and looks to get a 3-peat in next year’s competition.
On the evening of July 4th a vessel capsized in the Port of Valdez.
CLICK HERE to read the US Coast Guard Press Release.

July, 19th 2014
Valdez Fish Derby Weigh-in Station


BBQ 5pm at  Dock Point
Awards at 5:30pm

CLICK HERE for more information or visit

VALDEZ, Alaska – Nearly 300 kids converged on Valdez for the 6th Annual Kids Pink Salmon Derby. More fish were weighed in this year than last but the fish were not as big as the large pinks brought in during the 2012 derby. To get in the Top 10 for Pink Salmon ever caught in the Kids Derby, the fish would have to weigh at least 6.91 pounds. This year’s top fish tipped the scales at 5.38 pounds.

Kyle Eames of Anchorage brought in the 5.38 pound pink salmon to take top honors and win the 1st place prize in the 11 to 13 age division. Jace Branshaw of Valdez won the 5 to 7 year age division with a 5.1 pound pink. Penelope Porres of Palmer took top honors in the 8 to 10 year age division and Jeni Wolter of Fairbanks garnered 1st place in the 14 to 16 age division with a 4.94 pound pink salmon. All the 1st place winners took home a Longboard skateboard from Bahama Hawks. The 2nd place winners got a skateboard from Bahama Hawks and the 3rd place winners took home a fishing pole from the Prospector.
Copper Valley Electric Association will begin blasting activity at the Allison Creek Hydroelectric Project construction site as of tomorrow, Saturday, June, 21. Blasting will be intermittent throughout the next sixty days.

Please be advised that warning sirens may be heard and blasting may be heard or felt in certain locations of the Valdez community.

If you have additional questions, please contact Sharon Crisp at 835-7005 or email

The City of Valdez Baler Facility would like to remind you what can go into a dumpster verses what must be brought to the Baler Facility.  Dumpsters are for household waste like kitchen trash, food waste, paper products, plastics and clothing. Items not allowed in Dumpsters, but accepted at the Baler at 500 S. Sawmill Road are: wood; metal; oily waste and hazardous materials.
 Hazardous waste means waste that is capable of causing injury, disease or impairment of health or property damage, including but not limited to, poisons, pesticides, acids, caustics, infectious or pathological waste, radioactive materials, explosive or highly flammable materials, oil and petroleum products, batteries and burning or smoldering materials, or any item which – when disposed of into landfill – will cause contamination of groundwater or cause the groundwater to not meet state drinking water standards.

Please call the Baler at 835-2356 with any questions.

On June 12th Thomas “Tommy” Watson (DOB 10.15.81) was arrested and charged with 1 count of Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance in the 3rd degree a Class B Felony and 1 count of Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance in the 4th degree, a class C Felony.  
VPD officers received “Crime Stoppers” type “tips” that Thomas Watson has been receiving narcotics through the mail and then selling them in Valdez.  The tipsters specified that Watson was selling multiple drugs to include Marijuana and Methamphetamines.   A subsequent investigation determined that Thomas Watson was in Valdez and had possession of methamphetamine which he was actively trying to sell. As a result, Valdez Police Officers arrested Thomas Watson, and seized approximately 6.5 grams of methamphetamine, having an estimated street value of $1,500 dollars.  Police also seized a handgun, vehicle, and $250 in cash.
The Valdez Police Department considers this an ongoing investigation and expects further charges to be filed.
Thomas “Tommy” Watson is currently jailed at the Valdez Jail Facility and has a bail amount of: $10,000 and court approved third party.

12 TIPS TO WARD OFF MOSQUITOES wrote some easy tips to help deal with the annoying pests of mosquitoes.
Mosquito Prevention Techniques
1.) Water: Eliminate standing water which acts as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. (flower pots, children’s pools, watering cans, gutters etc.)
2.) Trash: Remember to keep the lids on trash cans to keep out the rain.
3.) Puddles: Cover up or fill in low places in your yard where puddles can develop.
4.) Gutters: Keep gutters cleaned out so water does not build up inside and become a mosquito breeding ground.
5.) Drains: Make sure all drains on your property are also cleaned out without leaves blocking them up so water can drain effectively.
6.) Pipes: Repair leaky pipes and outdoor faucets.
7.) Toys: Empty plastic wading pools at least once a week or store in a position that water will drain.
8.) Pools: Make sure your backyard pool is maintained properly.
9.) Holes: Fill in tree rot holes and hollow stumps that hold water with sand or concrete.
10.) Bird Baths & Planters: Change water in bird baths and planter pots or drip trays at least once a week.
11.) Grass: Keep grass cut short around the house, so adult mosquitoes will not hide there.
12.) Insect Shield® Clothing: Reduce the number of mosquito bites you get by wearing insect repellent apparel such as Insect Shield.
and by using topical insect repellents when outdoors.
CLICK HERE for more information and to view the Insect Shield Website.


Last Sunday was the tip-off of PWSCC’s 22nd annual Last Frontier Theater Conference. The conference was underway through the whole week and concluded on the evening of Saturday, June 14th. Throughout the week actors and playwrights rushed into Valdez participating in various types of workshops, play readings, and events around town, while also seeing evening performances each night at the Civic Center. On the final day the participants performed their final monologue’s, songs, and a mass group performed for the Ten-Minute Play Slam. During the evening the actors and playwrights congregated one last time for an evening reception and Gala where they honored the legacy of Stan Stephens and his family, and awarded them the Jerry Harper Service Award.
The state fair has just added four new names to the AT&T Concert line – up.
The All-American Rejects
Bachman & Turner with Blue Öyster Cult
KC and the Sunshine Band,
Michael W. Smith
Palmer, Alaska – The Alaska State Fair welcomes The All-American Rejects, Bachman & Turner with Blue Öyster Cult, KC and the Sunshine Band, and Michael W. Smith as the latest additions to the 2014 AT&T Concert Series line-up. Tickets go on sale to the general public at noon on Friday, June 13. Fair members can reserve tickets early. All shows take place at the Kendall Toyota of Anchorage Borealis Theatre.

CLICK HERE to view the full press release.

The Alaska Judicial Council recently wrote press release about their recent meeting to evaluate the performance of judges standing for retention in November of 2014.

Click Here  to view the full press release.

An African Proverb states, “If you think you’re too small to make a difference, spend the night in a closed room with a mosquito.”  Folks in Alaska understand this concept well.  One irritating buzz from a quick maneuvering mosquito can drive you crazy!  Although the inevitable bite is bothersome, it has never been deadly to me.  
     That’s why I’d like to thank the people of Valdez for supporting the Bite Back Run for the last four years.  Rain or shine, runners and walkers have shown up to participate in this race that has earned money for Compassion International’s Malaria Fund.  This year alone our community raised enough money to buy 140 insecticide treated nets for children living in areas with the infected anopheles mosquito.  One bite could mean death or at the very least debilitating symptoms for its recipient.  For the 2,000 children that die each day from malaria a lifesaving net can change the story.  Thank you Valdez for making a difference in the lives of hundreds of children!  
     And there’s more good news!  “Worldwide between 2000 and 2012, estimated malaria mortality rates fell by 45 percent in all age groups and by 51 percent in children under 5 years of age, and most of them (3 million) were kids,” according to the World Health Organization’s 2013 Report.  Our town’s contribution has contributed to cutting malaria’s mortality rates in half in the last 12 years!  That’s something to celebrate!  What could we accomplish in the next 12 years?  Sydney Haase commented, “Africa puts a whole new perspective on things that are easily overlooked when you have medical services at your fingertips.  I’m very grateful that this is something my home town supports.  It makes me very proud” I agree!  We really are changing the world, one child at a time.  Malaria Bites!  Bite Back!
Information has been released for Alaska’s election ballot in the fall. The election is scheduled to be held on August 19th and includes: the vote for Ballot Measure 1, and the election of the State Governor.
Click Here to view the full ballot information.

With the summer officially underway, the US Coast Guard has posted the graphic zones for the surrounding water around Valdez.
CLICK HERE to view the security zone graphic.

Kids’ One Mile Run
Girls Winner:  Morgan Minor
Boys Winner:  Blake Minor
5K Race
Overall Fastest Times for 5K Race
Men:  Sergei Wegner  18:52
Women: Lindsie King 22:17
12 and Under
Girls:  Caitlin Mond
Boys:  Wyatt Cummings
Ages 13 - 19
Women:  Sammi Allen
Men:  Sergei Wegner
Ages 20 - 29
Women:  Katie Valentine
Men:  Dan Harwood
Ages 30 - 39
Women:  Lindsie King
Men:  Bart Hinkle
Ages 40 - 49
Women: Tabitha Gregory
Men:  Dean Cummings
Ages 50 - 59
Women:  Julie Haltness
Men: Dave Winney
Ages 60 and Up
Women:  Bonnie Cudnuhufsky
Men:  Bob Engebretson

This year the 2014 Bite Back Run raised $1,286 for Compassion International's Malaria Fund. The money raised will be used to buy treated mosquito nets, provide education about malaria prevention, and treatment for those suffering from malaria.
Anchorage Daily News reports a strong, early push of red salmon in the Copper River has prompted the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to open the Chitina dip net fishery ahead of its normal June 10th start while adding bonus fish to the catch.

CLICK HERE to read the complete story.
The City Council will review an agreement that gives the Army Corp. of Engineers the go ahead to start work on the Federal portions of a Harbor project to the tune of $21 million dollars. According to a memorandum from City Manager John Hozey, the total project is expected to cost upward of 60 million dollars, which leaves a balance of 40 million dollars for Valdez taxpayers to come up. The memorandum states, “Approval of agreement just commits us to doing the project; however the City might choose to finance it. Approval of this agreement will trigger other actions in the near future necessary to prosecute such a major project in the time provided”. It is unclear at this time whether the public will weigh in on funding for the project.


Caj Rohrer

Katie Franciosi

VHS Wrestlers

Valdez weather