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Rich Long – 242

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Valdez City Council2015 Budget Hearings – Work Session Schedule
City Council Chambers
6:00 pm – 9:30 pm
(Public Hearings will be followed by Work Sessions on topics as indicated)
October 22, 2014
  • Budget Overview – Assumptions & Challenges
  • Fund Review (all Funds)
  • Revenues 
  • Economic Diversification
  • Community Development
October 23, 2014
  • Public Safety Support, Animal Control, Police
  • Fire, Emergency Prep
  • IT
  • Port, Harbor, Airport
October 29, 2014
  • Employee Benefits Committee Recommendations
  • Public Works (Streets/Shop, Solid Waste)
  • Major Equipment 
  • Utilities (Water, Sewer)    

October 30, 2014

Economic Initiatives
Library, Parks & Rec, Civic Center, Parks Maint.
Administration, Finance, Council, Clerk, Law
Insurance, Permanent Fund, Debt Service Fund
Reserve Fund (Programs)

November 5, 2014

  • Community Service Organizations
  • Valdez City Schools
  • Capital Facilities (Bldg Maint., Engineering, Clinic)
  • Capital Facilities Fund (Community Investment Projects – CIP’s)
  • Major Maintenance     

November 6, 2014 - Any items postponed from previous meetings
 (last revised 10/3/14)


AVV held a vigil to remember victims of Domestic Violence as more than merely a symbolic action, but to invite people to get involved directly with the campaign against domestic violence. AVV urges people to help keep our communities focused on a very real problem, and on the need to prevent it throughout the year.
News Watch
Anchorage Daily News
Coast Guard searches for unmanned barge drifting in Beaufort Sea
An unmanned barge that broke from its tow during a severe storm has been drifting in the Beaufort Sea north of Alaska's Arctic Slope since Tuesday. 
IMO completes Polar Code environmental rules
Russia says the new shipping rules for the Arctic and Antarctic, expected to go into effect in 2017, are too strict; critics say they still lack some important protections.  
Sweden’s government pledges more money for defense
The newly elected governing coalition is planning increased military spending for each year through 2018.
Rosneft asks Russian government for renegotiated terms on offshore oil licenses
U.S. and European sanctions have taken a toll on the company's oil projects, and it is seeking sweeter terms and direct financial payments from the government.
US, Canadian agencies monitoring diesel-carrying barge adrift in Arctic
A barge that broke from tow cables during a severe storm Tuesday is adrift in the Beaufort Sea with about 950 gallons of diesel fuel on board. 
Finland’s Parliament to review security in wake of Canada shooting
Authorities are already tracking people considered to pose high risks, and entry to parliamentary chambers is more restricted than in Canada, the chief of security says.
Shell puts eyes on Russian tundra oil
The Anglo-Dutch company is taking steps to develop license areas in Russia's Komi Republic, where it has been warmly received by local officials.
Four divers charged with raiding ancient shipwreck in Finland
The men are accused of stealing from a shipwreck that has been lying on the seafloor for centuries.  
Russia says no need for NATO in Arctic, expands own military presence
As Russia expands its military across the Arctic, Norway is calling for more NATO presence in the area. Despite the tensions, officials from both nations will meet this weekend to mark the World War II liberation of Kirkenes. 
Struggle to control dangerous stray dogs across northern Canada
Sterilization programs are targeting the abandoned pets and feral dogs that pose health and safety risks in hundreds of small communities. 
Fairbanks Daily News
Wrangell doctor indicted on child porn charges
WRANGELL, Alaska - A Wrangell doctor has been indicted on child pornography charges.
Rep. Don Young apologizes for comments on suicides
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - U.S. Rep. Don Young is apologizing for remarks made to Wasilla High School students on suicide and says he had been personally touched by the issue.
Paper lantern launch causes flight disruptions in Anchorage
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Officials at an Anchorage air field had to briefly reroute traffic follow the release of paper lanterns during an interfaith event in the area.
Anchorage police investigate death of pit bull found hanging from tree
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - The carcass of a pit bull found hanging from a tree in wooded area of Anchorage has spawned an animal cruelty case for Anchorage police.
Alaska Native vote could impact election
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - When it comes to the voting power of Native populations in the U.S., Alaska comes out on top.
U.S., Canada monitor barge adrift off Arctic Slope
JUNEAU, Alaska - U.S. and Canadian authorities are monitoring a barge carrying nearly 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel that's drifting in the Beaufort Sea.
Alaska senator calls out Young on suicide remark
JUNEAU, Alaska - Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski is asking Rep. Don Young to rethink his remarks on suicide.
Fault near Minto capable of much larger quakes
FAIRBANKS - A fault near Minto has produced three significant earthquakes since August, and it's capable of far bigger things, according to the head of the Alaska Earthquake Center.
2 cited for wasting deer, ducks in Juneau
JUNEAU, Alaska - The Coast Guard says it will take additional steps to teach personnel about local hunting laws after two petty officers were issued citations for wasting game.
Alaska State Troopers seek driver who bashed patrol car
WASILLA, Alaska - Alaska State Troopers are looking for a driver who fled from a traffic stop, bashed a patrol car and fled down an all-terrain vehicle trail.
Parnell signs bill honoring Native languages
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Gov. Sean Parnell has signed a bill into law that symbolically recognizes 20 Alaska Native languages as official state languages.
Anchorage TV station wrongly airs contentious Begich ad
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - An Anchorage television station inadvertently aired a commercial for U.S. Sen. Mark Begich that the campaign had pulled because the ad sparked outrage.
Palin backs independent for Alaska governor
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Sarah Palin has snubbed her former lieutenant governor in his bid for re-election, supporting an independent candidate after Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell dismantled the increased oil t
Another earthquake rattles Interior Alaska
FAIRBANKS - Less than three days after a 5.1 magnitude quake rattled Interior Alaska, residents were jolted by another on Thursday morning.
Feds to bring indoor plumbing to Alaska village
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - A remote Alaska Native village where only half the homes have indoor plumbing is among rural communities nationwide that will receive upgrades to water and wastewater systems with
Inmate injured at state prison in Kenai
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Alaska State Troopers say an inmate at the state prison in Kenai was taken to a hospital and they suspect he was assaulted by another prisoner.
Alaska files appeal of gay marriage ruling
FAIRBANKS—The administration of Gov. Sean Parnell on Wednesday filed its expected request asking that the full 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals hear the state’s appeal of a lower court’s decision neg
Suspected impaired driver charged with assault
WASILLA, Alaska - A Wasilla man suspected of driving while impaired with two people in his car has been charged with felony assault after they were hurt in a crash.
US Rep. Don Young apologizes after suicide comment
JUNEAU, Alaska - U.S. Rep. Don Young has apologized after telling students at a high school where a child recently committed suicide that people kill themselves when there's a lack of support from fam
Armed woman steals pickup at gunpoint
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Anchorage police are looking for a woman who used a handgun to steal a pickup from a driver on the south side of the city.
Alaska Senate race ad check: Begich's record as Anchorage mayor
ANCHORAGE — In the final weeks of his bid for re-election, Sen. Mark Begich has faced heavy criticism of his performance in his previous job as Anchorage mayor, specifically on his handling of city fi
Decorative tusks, bone taken from Juneau thrift shore
JUNEAU, Alaska - Decorative ivory elephant tusks and whale bone have been reported stolen from a church thrift store in downtown Juneau.
Parnell replaces top Alaska National Guard leaders
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Three members of the Alaska National Guard's top leadership have been removed in the wake of ongoing investigations into sexual abuse and fraud within the organization.
Elders and youth conference focuses on Alaska Native language, culture
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Alaska Native language and its cultural importance are the focus of the annual First Alaskans Institute's Elders and Youth Conference that's taking place this week in Anchorage.
Anchorage conducting survey on homelessness
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Anchorage health officials say locals can participate in a survey looking for ideas on how to end homelessness in the city.

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