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Results are in from the Alaska State Primary Election held last Tuesday. Nearly 3,000 voters turned out from District 9, and elected Jim Colver as the Republican Representative for House who will be running against Democratic candidate Mabel Wimmer. Wimmer ran unopposed in the Primary Election. Jim Colver beat out both the incumbent Eric Feige and George Rauscher with a total of 1,140 votes or about 39 percent.
The Valdez Municipal elections will be held Tuesday, October 7th for the positions of Mayor, City Council and Valdez City School Board. Three positions will be opening on the City Council with the term expiration of Council Members: Nate Smith, Donna Schantz and Chris Moulton.  Nate Smith and Chris Moulton will both be on the ballet for an additional term along with new comer Jim Shirrell. The three expiring terms for the School Board include the current president and vice president Anita Fannin, Dawn Farmer, joins Dan Walker. Darryl Verfaillie, William Comer and Bill Connell will be on the ballet for October. The two candidates who hope to secure the position as Mayor this fall are Richard Long and Larry Weaver.
CLICK HERE to view the official results from the State of Alaska Primary Election

Pictured: David Duke with his trophy size yellow eye rockfish

VALDEZ, Alaska – With less than a week left in the Valdez Halibut and Silver Salmon Derbies, it would seem that there’s a good chance of the leaders being knocked off the board in the Halibut and Silver Salmon Derbies …that is, if history is any indication.

If Scott Hebig’s 203.6 pound halibut takes 1st place in the derby, it will be the smallest halibut on record to win the Valdez Derbies, with the exception of the years when the Chamber of Commerce held a target weight derby. In 2013, the winner of the $15,000 first place prize weighed in at 325 pounds. In 2014, the 1st place winner had a fish weighing 335.7 pounds; in 2013 the winner tipped the scales at 277.2.
In the silver salmon derby, Amanda Towne’s 17.54 pound silver would be a respectable fish to win the Valdez Silver Derby, but a Valdez Women’s Silver Salmon Derby winner has never held on until the end of the derby. In 2013, the silver that took the big cash prize of $15,000 weighed in at 16.92. In 2012, the Silver Derby winner was 17.88. From 2008 through 2011, the 1st place winner weighed in at: 22.14 (2008), 22.14 (2009), 19.10 (2010) and 18.68 (2009).
The overall size of both halibut and silver salmon being brought in seems to be large this year, even though the silver fishing has been a bit slow. And anglers have brought in some sizeable ling cod and rock fish. David Duke reeled in a trophy yellow eye rockfish this past week while aboard a halibut charter
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Valdez students and staff participated in the yearly statewide survey, which measures how the school climate is perceived. The survey seeks to determine how connected the students feel to adults and their peers in a way that directly correlates to how they perform in school.  This includes the students and staff reporting on how many times they’ve witnessed students participating in risky behaviors like drug and alcohol use. Results from students showed a significant increase in student ratings over last year in the areas of: School Safety, Peer Climate, Caring Adults, and Parent and Community Involvement. The areas of noteworthy decline over the previous year were in the categories of: High Expectations, School Leadership and Student Involvement, and Respectful Climate. The staff results showed increased ratings in every category surveyed. However, students and staff results concurred that there was a considerable increase in reports of delinquent behavior at school and during school events. Students added that this included the use of drugs and alcohol, while staff reports disagreed. CLICK HERE to read the entire report.

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