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Play Director Ryan Buen – This weekend marked the final showing of PWSCC's production of Lisa D'Amours Detroit.  After a successful local run a week ago, the cast and crew toured the show to the Glen Massay Theatre in Palmer. This tour was a first for the long running PWSCC Drama Department, and a first for many members of the cast crew. The cast arrived at 10 a.m. and had to erect the massive two house set, redesign the lights for a new space, and re-block the show all by 6: 00 pm that evening. This proved to be quite the task, pushing the cast and crew quite far, sometimes right to the edge of breaking, but in the end the show looked breathtaking. It was quite the accomplishment. The show starred local talent Heidi Franke, Meg McKinney, Jay Stevens, Robert Covington and Dawson Moore and was crewed by Sarah Jorgenson Owen, Hannah Wassel, Jennifer Christofferson, Iam Cabitac, and Beth Charnell. The performances on display were of an extremely high caliber, with many audience members gushing about quality of acting on display, as well as all of the design and construction, most of which was done by Matthew Kress by himself at his personal shop at 46 mile. This show and tour truly represent some of the amazing work that can come out of out of our small community when its people come together with a common creative goal in mind.



See if you can figure out what’s true, and what’s not true about the staff of KVAK. The staff of KVAK has written bios for themselves, but with an interesting twist. All of the statements in staff bios are true except for one. Look for a special E-Blast newsletter on Wednesday to see if you can spot which one is a lie. Of course, there will be a prize for those who identify all the incorrect statements.


Prospector Outfitters is in the process of moving from their store on Galena Street to the old Sugar and Spice building on Egan Drive.

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News Watch
Anchorage Daily News
Could Maine become the nation's second 'Arctic' state?
Maine lies some 1,500 miles south of the Arctic Circle, but it has strong connections to the Arctic -- and is hoping to play a bigger role in the region.
Kremlin supports Lukoil’s Arctic ambitions
Putin's government, dissatisfied with the pace of work performed by state-owned Rosneft and Gazprom, is considering changing policy to open up the Arctic shelf to private companies. If that happens, Lukoil -- Russia's top private oil producer -- would benefit. 
Ombudsman hopes for Sami rights ratification after Finnish elections
Parliament's failure to take action on the indigenous-rights convention before the election was disappointing and a setback for the Sami people, the government's non-discrimination officer says. 
Production uncertain beyond June at iron-ore mine in Arctic Norway
Low iron-ore prices have caused financial hardship and cast doubts on future operations at the Sydvaranger Gruve mine in Kirkenes.
Committee forms to tackle Arctic waterways safety
The Arctic Waterways Safety Committee, formed to develop the best practices for managing Arctic waterways, held its first formal meeting this month in Juneau, electing officers and meeting with the governor and Alaska's state committee on the Arctic.
Watching a lake disappear on the North Slope
Far northern lakes have formed, filled and emptied for thousands of years, but this is the first time scientists have observed it with instruments. 
Some Alaska animals may benefit from climate change while others suffer, studies say
Among scores of bird and mammal species, there will be winners and losers as trees and shrubs expand northward and wildlife habitat transforms through the rest of the 21st century. 
US should move to tap Arctic energy reserves, panel concludes
The United States should move swiftly to harness the tremendous oil and gas reserves locked under its Arctic waters while the industry improves the equipment used to drill wells and sop up spills, according to a government advisory committee report released Friday. 
Putin names new Sakhalin governor after previous regional leader arrested on corruption charges
Russian President Vladimir Putin appointed Oleg Kozhemyako as the acting governor of the petroleum-rich Sakhalin island region in Russia’s Far East after dismissing Alexander Khoroshavin, who was arrested earlier this month and accused of taking $5.6 million suspicion of bribery.
Plastic microbeads: A toxic substance in waterways from the Great Lakes to the Arctic
The tiny beads, found in facial scrubs, body gels and toothpaste, are accumulating in northern waters and getting into the food chain.
Fairbanks Daily News
Young male bear finding easy food source in Kodiak garages
KODIAK, Alaska - A state wildlife official says a bear has broken into several garages in one Kodiak area neighborhood.
Body of missing Platinum man found
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - The body of a 74-year-old Platinum man missing for nearly a month has been found in western Alaska.
Alaska Senate passes bill decriminalizing pot in state statutes
JUNEAU, Alaska - The Alaska Senate on Monday got closer to having state statutes reflect what remains illegal after Alaska voters legalized limited recreational marijuana last year.
Surplus symbols: How many state bugs and beans do we need?
CONCORD, N.H. - Maine celebrates its Whoopie pies. North Carolinians proudly dance their Shag. In Kansas, even dirt is official: Harney silt loam is the state soil.
NOAA says Cook Inlet beluga numbers increased slightly
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - The federal estimate of the number of beluga whales in Alaska's Cook Inlet increased slightly in 2014, but researchers conclude the population remains in danger of extinction.
Vehicles of Sudanese refugees vandalized in Anchorage
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Sudanese refugees living in Anchorage were targets of weekend vandalism that left their cars covered in messages demanding that they leave their adopted home.
Federal study lists northwest Alaska climate change winners
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Some northwest Alaska bird species could benefit from climate change but increased temperatures could harm populations of several mammals, a federal study has concluded.
Woman stabbed walking on Anchorage trail
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Anchorage police say a woman was stabbed in the back as she walked along a bike trail.
Tuesday is deadline to apply for Alaska PFD
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Alaskans are almost out of time to sign up for their share of the state's oil wealth this year.
Alaska conference connects schools, entrepreneurs on food security
JUNEAU, Alaska — Where does your food come from? Where does your kid's school lunch come from? Ninety-five percent of the time, the answer is a barge.
Anchorage man charged with leaving scene of fatal accident
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - A 51-year-old Anchorage man was arraigned Saturday on a felony charge of leaving an accident without assisting an injured person.
Alaska Senate expected to vote on its budget plan
JUNEAU, Alaska — The Senate Finance Committee plans public testimony this week as it crafts its version of the state operating budget. The goal is for the full Senate to vote on a spending bill Friday
Fairbanks man rescued after falling into crevasse on Eureka Glacier
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — The Alaska Air National Guard and Alaska State Troopers on Saturday came to the aid of a man who fell into a crevasse on Eureka Glacier.
Anchorage wife, husband plead guilty to sex trafficking
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — An Anchorage wife and husband have pleaded guilty to sex trafficking charges after investigators alleged they ran a prostitution ring across Alaska.
Bill to limit corporation role in alternate Alaska gas project advances
JUNEAU, Alaska — The Senate Resources Committee advanced legislation Friday that temporarily would restrict participation by a state-sponsored corporation in an alternate gas pipeline project proposed
13-year-old Alaskan crafting his own future in business
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Many middle-school students in Southcentral Alaska spent spring break playing video games, skiing in what little snow has fallen or just enjoying a lazy week away from school. Gray
Alaska lawmakers move bill to create regents residency requirements
JUNEAU, Alaska - A House committee has moved a bill that would create regional residency requirements for the University of Alaska governing board.
Ketchikan station recreates radio play
KETCHIKAN, Alaska - One thing about radio theater is actors don't have to keep straight faces.
Alaska Senate's vote on marijuana bill delayed to Monday
JUNEAU—An expected Friday vote on the marijuana crime bill was delayed to Monday when a revised amendment to ban marijuana concentrates landed on senators' desks moments before the start of the day's
Bill would name wilderness area for late Gov. Hammond
JUNEAU, Alaska — Alaska's U.S. senators have introduced legislation to rename a wilderness area after the late former Gov. Jay Hammond.
Panels propose cuts to Alaska education, public defender agency
JUNEAU, Alaska — Alaska's top public defender says there will be delays in criminal trials and appeals if a proposed $1.2 million cut to his agency goes forward.
Walker reiterates support for major Alaska gas project
JUNEAU, Alaska — Gov. Bill Walker is reiterating his support for the major liquefied natural gas project the state is pursuing with the North Slope oil companies.
AIDEA approves loan for new Wasilla retail store
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — The Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority has approved a loan for a new retail building in Wasilla.
Alaska police officers corral grazing miniature horses
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Police officers in Alaska's biggest city became wranglers early Friday morning, rounding up a couple of miniature horses that escaped from their corral.
Alaska House panel moves bill addressing municipal marijuana regs
JUNEAU, Alaska — A bill addressing how municipalities regulate marijuana businesses has moved out of a House committee.

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