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The City of Valdez has an agenda item on tonight’s council meeting that will approve a schematic design for a new small boat harbor in Valdez. Initially the project was expected to cost roughly 50 million dollars and be funded with 20 million federal dollars, 15 million from the State and the City of Valdez chipping in 15 million. At this time, Hozey said he anticipates the project costing upwards of 60 million dollars. The State has contributed between 7.5 million and 8 million according to Hozey, the Federal Government has agreed to contribute about 21 million dollars, and the City has 15 million available for the project. Hozey said he expects to ask the public to bond for an additional 20 million to support the project. The new harbor is expected to add an additional 140 slips. At a cost of 60 million dollars, each slip will cost roughly $428,571 to build. Hozey pointed out that the project will also provide accessible uplands for the public.
In a summary statement submitted to City Council by Lisa VonBargen, a $5,705 expenditure to buy iPads, food, advertising and name plates for the newly formed commission. Plans for the role of this commission are largely undefined, but funding for a “strategic doing” seminar and contract are being requested.  
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Anchorage Daily News
Finland's biggest waste-to-energy plant opens
The facility, in the southern Finland municipality of Vantaa, will turn refuse into electricity and electricity, and it is expected to reduce overall carbon emissions.
Nuclear-power project debates expose political divide in Finland
Possible approvals for the controversial Fennovoima and TVO nuclear projects threaten to split apart the governing coalition.
In time of sanctions, Prirazlomnaya seeks Russian suppliers
New restrictions imposed on Russian businesses create vulnerabilities for Gazprom by putting key supplies and services at risk. 
Russia: US sanctions could shut down $600 million Kara Sea drilling operation
The United States' new round of sanctions on Russia could force Exxon Mobil Corp. to alter its ongoing drilling in the Kara Sea by Sept.26.
Violence and public health in the North: What about the men?
When addressing the cycle of violence and sexual abuse, consider that men have also been victims and not just perpetrators, some experts say.   
Finland's economic minister says Fennovoima reactor can go ahead; Greens may quit cabinet
Approval of a new Russian-built plant near Raahe.has a caveat: The facility must be at least 60 percent Finnish-owned, said Jan Vapaavuori, the nation's minister of economic affairs 
Finland: Ministers call for more action on environmental crimes
A proposal to lower the threshold for bringing criminal charges has the support of two cabinet members, but some warn that any change needs t be backed up with training improvements to help officials uncover and prosecute environmental offenses. 
NASA projects tracking changes in Alaska's glaciers and Arctic atmosphere
The U.S. agency that explores outer space is also probing another frontier -- the rapidly warming climate in Alaska and other parts of the Far North.
U.S. icebreaker fleet will need makeover by about 2020, Coast Guard says
The U.S. Coast Guard’s fleet of two operating Arctic-class icebreakers will be sufficient -- if barely so -- for about another six years, the agency’s new Alaska commandant said Monday. 
Finland: English dominance worries language teachers
Educators are focusing on practical instruction to boost conversational skills, and they are encouraging Finns to learn languages like French, German and Swedish.
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