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With the City elections just around the corner see how the candidates answered our question survey.
Mayor – Richard Long and Larry Weaver
City Council – Nate Smith, Christopher Moulton, and Marshall “Jim” Shirrell
School Board – Darryl Verfaillie, William Comer, and Bill Connell
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A bike was stolen in the Valdez area, if found please contact Jena at 907- 831-0479.

A sample ballot was just released for the upcoming elections
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News Watch
Anchorage Daily News
A rare Arctic land sale stirs concerns in Norway
A Chinese businessman with deep pockets is looking to buy land in Norway, stirring speculation about moves by China to gain a permanent foothold in the Arctic.
Sweden: No proof that moose get drunk, say researchers
Researchers are deflating accounts of the large animals stumbling around while tipsy on fermented fruit.
Alarming situation for indigenous peoples in Russia
Indigenous leaders trying to participate in events outside Russia are facing new obstacles placed by hostile government officials. 
Russian planes violate Swedish airspace; Russian sanctions imperil Swedish cheese
Russian warplanes flew into Swedish airspace earlier this month, an incident that is even making the pacifist-rooted Greens reconsider their opposition to defense spending.
Shell, ConocoPhillips plead with White House for flexibility in Arctic drilling safety measures
Oil companies hoping to find crude under Arctic waters north of Alaska are imploring the Obama administration to ensure new rules governing drilling in the region don’t force them to stash emergency equipment nearby or block them from using chemical dispersants to clean up spills.
UN Climate chief on New York summit
Christiana Figueres, head of the organization's climate secretariat, says she expects to hear announcements from several nations and corporations about projects to curb carbon emissions. 
Secret nuclear cargo transported along coast of Norway
The United States and Russia put aside their differences to move some highly enriched uranium from Poland to Murmansk this month, part of a joint campaign to prevent terrorist groups from gaining access to the dangerous material. 
Sami leader harassed by Russian police on way to UN conference
Russian officials made it difficult for the elected head of a Sami council in Russia's Murmansk Oblast and other Russian indigenous leaders to travel to the United Nations first World Conference on Indigenous Peoples in New York. 
Four charged in Finland toxic leak case
The current and former chief executives are among four men facing environmental charges over the ​Talvivaara nickel spills of 2012. 
For Hudson Bay polar bears, a climate change twist
A warming planet means less ice coverage in the Arctic, leaving polar bears with less time and less ice for hunting seals. They depend on seals for their survival. But the polar bears of Canada's Hudson Bay have discovered a new menu option.
Fairbanks Daily News
Alaska firefighters wrap up training conference
KENAI, Alaska — Firefighters from around Alaska wrapped up a training conference with some friendly competition in demonstrating work-related skills.
Anchorage police seek stabbing suspect
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - An arrest warrant has been issued for a man suspected in a weekend Anchorage stabbing.
UAS students learn about consent when it comes to sex
JUNEAU, Alaska - Freshmen at the University of Alaska Southeast are learning about what constitutes consent when it comes to sex.
Judge stops Alaska logging projects, pending review
JUNEAU, Alaska - Four southeast Alaska logging projects are on hold after a judge found the U.S. Forest Service didn't fully comply with a prior court order.
Police arrest man disrupting Anchorage traffic
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) - Anchorage police say they took a man into custody who wandered through busy east-side traffic and knocked down an officer trying to make him stop.
Pro-pot group announces support from some Alaska parents
JUNEAU, Alaska - A group supporting the legalization of recreational use of marijuana in Alaska has announced what it calls a statewide coalition of moms and dads supporting the initiative.
Snoop Dogg to visit Alaska if voters legalize pot
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Rapper Snoop Dogg says he'll do a concert in Alaska if voters in November approve an initiative legalizing recreational use of marijuana.
Black bear disrupts Alaska high school cross country meet
KETCHIKAN, Alaska - A black bear disrupted a girls' race at the Region V Cross Country meet in Ketchikan, forcing most of the field to re-run the course.
Juneau man faces charge for nonemergency 911 calls
JUNEAU, Alaska  - A Juneau man faces a misdemeanor harassment charge after police say he made nine calls to 911 in one evening, with no emergency.
Juneau duo expands its reach to national audience
JUNEAU, Alaska — As a creative process, improvisation is not unlike dreaming, according to recent research. Researchers at Johns Hopkins who performed MRI scans of jazz musicians' brains while they we
Anchorage brings back restaurant inspections
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - After a five-year hiatus, Anchorage's health department is planning to bring back a scoring system for inspections in restaurants and other food-service facilities.
Alaska man convicted of assaulting police during stop
MEDFORD, Ore. (AP) - An Alaska man has been convicted of assaulting a police officer during a drunken-driving arrest after a jury rejected his claim that he was brutalized by police.
Public access around Kodiak Launch Complex limited
KODIAK, Alaska - The Army continues to restrict public access to Fossil Beach and other areas around the Kodiak Launch Complex one month after a rocket carrying an experimental strike weapon exploded
Judge dismisses Pebble case against EPA
JUNEAU, Alaska - A judge has dismissed a lawsuit against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency over a process that could result in development of the Pebble Mine being restricted or prohibited.
Magnitude 4.9 quake north of Anchorage
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - The Alaska Earthquake Center says an earthquake with a magnitude of 4.9 was widely felt across southcentral Alaska on Friday night but there have been no reports of damage.
Ketchikan man faces assault of federal officer charge
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - A 23-year-old Ketchikan man has been accused of swinging a knife in front of a federal fisheries officer.
State of Alaska defends gay-marriage ban
JUNEAU, Alaska - Citizens, not the courts, should decide whether the definition of marriage includes same-sex couples, the state of Alaska said in court papers filed Friday.
Landslide wipes out Sitka restoration projects
SITKA, Alaska  - Heavy rainfall has been blamed for a major landslide near Sitka that wiped out hundreds of thousands of dollars in watershed-restoration projects.
Alaska military and veterans affairs official resigns
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - The deputy commissioner of Alaska's Department of Military and Veterans Affairs is resigning.
New manager named for Alaska State Fair
HURON, S.D. - The fairgrounds manager of the South Dakota State Fair is headed to Alaska to oversee its fair.
Juneau homeowner kills black bear after porch raid
JUNEAU, Alaska - Alaska State Troopers say a Juneau resident has shot and killed a young black bear after it was seen repeatedly climbing onto a porch and removing items from a freezer.
Judge sides with state in lawsuit over Walker-Mallott ticket
ANCHORAGE — A Superior Court judge has ruled in favor of the state Division of Elections in a lawsuit challenging a decision by elections officials that paved the way for two gubernatorial candidates
Legalizing marijuana in Alaska: Parents for and against enter the battle
ANCHORAGE — Parents aligned with campaigns on opposing sides of a ballot measure to legalize marijuana in Alaska spoke out Thursday, either saying that legal pot would be harmful to their children or
Lab results pending for seals found covered in oil in Bering Strait
NOME, Alaska — Lab testing has not confirmed the presence of a petroleum product on two recently harvested seals that were coated with an oily substance off Alaska's Saint Lawrence.
Chefs to compete in Alaska seafood cook-off
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Four professional Alaska chefs will be competing in a seafood preparation competition in Anchorage, with the winner to represent the state in November at the World Food Championshi

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