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After interviewing interim applicants June 30th, the Valdez City Council put together a contract to hire Mr. Robert Jean as interim City Manager. Jean will be available to begin work in Valdez on July 20th and is expected to act as City Manager until the Council hires a permanent replacement.

 Prince William Sound – For black bear hunters in Game Management Unit 6D, the 2015 – 2016 regulatory year has incurred some important changes.  Based upon  the Alaska Department of Fish & Game’s (ADFG) black bear harvest data  from 1994 to 2014, the black bear population in Prince William Sound appears to be under duress, as witnessed in the steady decline of successful harvests from the 2007 peak season.  In addition to the decline in harvests, the percentage of sows harvested has been over 40% since 2012 (target percentage is less than 20%).   As a result, ADFG has elected to implement a registration hunt, in lieu of the long standing general season,  for the 2015 – 2016 season to help foster conservation  and regeneration of the black bear population to a healthy and sustainable state. 
Beginning in fall 2015, permits will be available online at the ADFG website or in any ADFG office. Hunters will have five days to report their harvest, and 30 days to seal the bear.  For Unit 6D, the black bear harvest for the season will be 200 bears, and once the quota is achieved the season will immediately close and all hunters notified (via the email provided upon registration). 

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Monday, July 6th  2015
at City Council Chambers

Work Session – 5:30
Work Session with Providence Valdez Medical Center Health Advisory Council

Regular Meeting – 7pm
Items include:
  1. Approval of Interim City Manager Contract
  2. Approval of Contract with Warren Miller Entertainment in the Amount of $45,000 for Promotion Program
  3. Approval of Change Order #10 to the Contract with R&M Consultants, Inc. for Upland Facilities Design for the New Harbor in the Amount of $231,521
CLICK HERE for full agenda

All meetings of City Council and School Board are held in City Council Chambers, broadcast on 1230AM KVAK and streamed LIVE on

News Watch
Anchorage Daily News
Alaska troops among those awaiting announcement of Army cuts
Anxiety is high among Army families as they await word of whether soldiers -- including Alaska's 4-25th -- will be among the 40,000 troops eliminated nationwide in an announcement expected in July. 
Search for Soviet war dead to continue in Finland
Remains of Red Army soldiers who died in a 1944 battle in Finland have been found just recently. The search for more remains continues.
Barrow celebrates end of successful whaling season
Whaling crews and helpers took turns cutting up muktuk into bite-sized pieces Monday afternoon in Barrow as the celebration of Nalukataq marked the end of whaling season.
Walker pulls plug on ANWR lobbying effort, promises new direction
Gov. Bill Walker vetoed the $175,000 state grant given to the group that's been lobbying in vain to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling, but that doesn't mean he's opposed to oil development there — only that it's time to find a new way, he said.
Federal polar bear conservation plan focuses on near-term goals
The Fish and Wildlife Service acknowledges that Arctic climate change is the top threat to polar bears, but it says its ability to take action is limited to tasks that fall short of greenhouse gas restrictions. 
Swedish exhibit explores Baltic Sea pollution
Organizers are seeking to show people how ordinary products like coated cooking utensils, medicines and plastics wind up sending contaminants into the sea.
North Slope coastal erosion rates are among worst in nation, USGS reports
A new, comprehensive report tracks loss of northern Alaska coastline since the late 1940s. The erosion, packed into a few months a year, is some of the most dramatic in the nation, researchers say.
Swedes seek 'nature' in times of life crisis
Cancer patients are much more likely to find solace in nature than in religion, a Swedish study finds. 
Nordic-Baltic-Polish 9 should boost security, think tank says
Nine countries -- the five Nordic nations, the three Baltic nations and Poland -- now make up a new front line to Russia’s “provocation and intimidation," the Center for European Policy Analysis says. 
Iceland most peaceful country in the world, study says
Iceland retained its usual spot, and Denmark, Finland and Canada were also in the top 10. In all, 162 nations were evaluated for degree of conflict, social safety and degree of militarization. 
Fairbanks Daily News
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