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(April 4th & 5th and April 11th & 12th)

The Second Annual Wings over Valdez will be happening the first two weekends of April (April 4th & 5th and April 11th & 12th)  
According to an article on “The purpose of the Wings over Valdez event is to showcase the flying sports of Speed riding, Paragliding and Skydiving. The future goal of the W.O.V. event will be to show what the beautiful city of Valdez, Alaska has to offer as far as flying opportunities, and they are world class!” Most of the pilots that will fly at the Wings over Valdez event are part of the Arctic Airwalkers club out of Eagle River, Alaska. The Arctic Airwalkers are the oldest and biggest paragliding club in the USA. With several US paragliding and World cup champions. Two helicopters will whisk pilots to the top of the 5000ft+ mountains above Valdez. From there, pilots will coordinate acrobatic displays of technical flying. Look for spiral dives, wing overs and colored smoke to entertain. Also, speed wing or speed rider pilots will be hugging close to the Mountain and proximity flying and rapidly descending heart stopping lines over rock cliff faces.

Valdez Little League is gearing up for the Summer Season. Opening Ceremonies are scheduled for May 19th and Registration Forms are available now. Pick up a Registration form at HHES or GMS or download from the Valdez Little League Facebook page. The League is planning trips to Cordova and Delta in June for the Minors, Majors and Junior Teams. The league is still in need of coaches for the 2015 season. If you or someone you know might be interested, there's a coaches meeting Tuesday, March 24th, 6:30pm at the Valdez Library. Or contact BJ williams at There are a few openings on the Valdez Little League Board as well. Interested parties can talk to BJ Williams. Little League Baseball Practice will start as soon as the fields are clear of snow.

CLICK HERE for registration form


1st snowfall of winter season – December 4th, 2014
Amount of snowfall this season – 57.4 inches
Amount of rainfall since Dec. 4th – 16.51 inches

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Anchorage Daily News
Committee forms to tackle Arctic waterways safety
The Arctic Waterways Safety Committee, formed to develop the best practices for managing Arctic waterways, held its first formal meeting this month in Juneau, electing officers and meeting with the governor and Alaska's state committee on the Arctic.
Watching a lake disappear on the North Slope
Far northern lakes have formed, filled and emptied for thousands of years, but this is the first time scientists have observed it with instruments. 
Some Alaska animals may benefit from climate change while others suffer, studies say
Among scores of bird and mammal species, there will be winners and losers as trees and shrubs expand northward and wildlife habitat transforms through the rest of the 21st century. 
US should move to tap Arctic energy reserves, panel concludes
The United States should move swiftly to harness the tremendous oil and gas reserves locked under its Arctic waters while the industry improves the equipment used to drill wells and sop up spills, according to a government advisory committee report released Friday. 
Putin names new Sakhalin governor after previous regional leader arrested on corruption charges
Russian President Vladimir Putin appointed Oleg Kozhemyako as the acting governor of the petroleum-rich Sakhalin island region in Russia’s Far East after dismissing Alexander Khoroshavin, who was arrested earlier this month and accused of taking $5.6 million suspicion of bribery.
Plastic microbeads: A toxic substance in waterways from the Great Lakes to the Arctic
The tiny beads, found in facial scrubs, body gels and toothpaste, are accumulating in northern waters and getting into the food chain.
North Pole camps planned for Russian paratroopers, scientists
There will be two Russian North Pole bases of operation this summer -- one a set of floating camps to be used by scientists, and the other a site for Russian soldiers to train on ice. 
Shell conducts drills with Arctic oil spill response system
Shell’s Arctic oil spill response system -- damaged during a deployment test in 2012 -- is undergoing drills in waters near Bellingham, Washington, with federal officials observing the exercises.
In Arctic, Norway steps on the gas
Statoil’s Snøhvit liquefied natural gas project -- the world's northernmost LNG facility -- is responsible for most of northern Norway's expanding production of natural gas.  
Finnish-Swedish-US joint training sorties begin
The exercises are being conducted mostly in Finnish airspace over the Bothnian Sea and in international airspace.
Fairbanks Daily News

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